The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside review


The Devil Inside is a supernatural horror film directed by William Brent Bell. It is presented as a documentary and is about a woman trying to find out what happened to her mother years ago, by involving herself in the church’s exorcisms. I didn’t want to waste people time with a long review, which is the reason behind the length of this review. I paid to see the movie and I am completely justified in saying that its rubbish. You know a horror film is going to be bad when when the scariest thing to happen in the movie is a german shepherd scaring the characters in broad daylight.

There is nothing to recommend about The Devil Inside. Nothing. From its wooden characters, laughable ‘scary’ scenes and boring dialogue, the film is probably going to end up being one of  the worst of the year, if not the worst

But the agony doesn’t end there. It is no joke when i say that the film may have one of the worst endings to a film. Ever. The film cuts to black during a crash and gives a link to a website to delve deeper into the film. You actually have to find the ending to the film yourself. No thanks. Avoid like the plague.



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  1. Wow I did not know that about the ending that is crazy. I do agree with you in some aspects but I do disagree with you in it being rubbish. I think there was some very suspenseful parts especially with the mother but I do understand it wasn’t very “scary” so I guess I do agree with you in some sense.

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