Urban Justice

In the late 80’s and then on through the 90’s Steven Seagal was one of the standards of action films. He displayed his fighting technique and tough guy voice while protecting neighborhoods from drug dealers, bone were broken and I as a kid thought he was major cool. Seagal’s fame started to wane however, and soon he was always being paired with whoever was the hottest hip-hop artist at the time or now he is a direct to Dvd action star that more often than not gives a bad name to direct to Dvd action stories. Perhaps it was the Howard Stern Show on which I heard someone refer to Seagal as a “fat, retarded ninja”, that always sticks in my mind and perhaps you should hold it in your mind while you read this review on one of his latest film offerings: Urban Justice.

Urban Justice was directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy who also directed Seagal’s action films Today You Die an Mercenary For Justice; there seems to be a running theme of justice and black co-stars, indeed.  This time Steven Seagal gets funny man Eddie Griffith to play a role in the movie as a gangster. The plot is Seagal’s son is a cop who is gunned down in a gang infested neighborhood, so Segal moves in to kick butt; naturally there is a crooked cop sub-plot as well.

The first thing one ma noticed is that Steven Seagal has packed on quite a few pounds and they seem to be there to stay. Perhaps it is this extra weight that hinders him from speaking properly when delivering lines, he pauses after every couple of words and inhales as if he just got off of a treadmill, or chased a rolling doughnut down a big hill. It is hard to understand him sometimes and overall it gets really annoying, really quickly.

The tagline for the film was : Steven Seagal takes over the hood! What is it with Seagal trying to tap into the world of the black man to try and save his career? This time the titles and premise of the film almost seem racist, though they cover themselves with the white crooked cops and etc and try to make sure that we see Hispanics are gangbangers as well.

The important thing for an action film is of course the action so the real thing to reveal is whether or not Seagal can still fight. I guess he has his arm chop things down still, but the fight scenes are edited to make sure to hide the fact that the chubby ninja probably cannot throw a decent kick. Maybe I am wrong, but it looked to me like they were pausing and then yelling : “Stunt leg!.”

If there is any justice Steven Segal will either quit making movies or will actually do something and commit himself to landing an actually decent part. Why doesn’t he exercise a bit and try out for some serious bit role and turn his fame around? Perhaps the self-produced Dvd market is profitable, perhaps, but it isn’t helping his final legacy in the entertainment industry that is for sure. I nominate him to join VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and I nominate Urban Justice for one of those Razzie awards.

2 thoughts on “Urban Justice”

  1. THIS MOVIE ROCKED!!! STEVE IS BACK!!!. The last several seagal movies sucked HORRIBLY and I must assume this review was for them because urban justice was definatelly a turn around back to the steven seagal we can remember. See urban justice you will not be disappointed. WELCOME BACK SEAGAL from a fan that actually gave up on you!

  2. Ha ha ha NO…in the fight scenes it is sad when it looks like they deliberately cut to “stunt leg” because Steve obviously can’t raise his leg that high, etc. It was just as bad and cheesy as the one before, only this time it was also racist.

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