Angelina Jolie is a CIA agent who is all of a sudden accused of being a Russian spy who is allegedly going to kill the Russian president to bring down the American empire, inevitably destroying the USA as a whole. The film is riveting for a moment, and then boredom and stupidity ensues. The twist is random as hell and very weak and the ending is predictable.

Why this movie pissed me off: The twist sucked. The acting was… okay. The direction was… okay. The writing was bad. The plot was very stupid, and the whole time I was waiting for Jolie to be some awesome person who was good and you knew it all along, but nothing like that happened. The only thing that happened that had any impact on ANYTHING in the movie was the last 5 minutes.

Best Aspects: Acting was par, and the action sequences were pretty good.

Bottom Line: C+. Not horrible, but not too good. I’d wait to see this one on DVD, or not at all.