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Starring Kristin Stewart,Taylor Lautner,Robert Pattinson

Teams join forces temporarily to conquer a new foe called the new borns in this third twilight episode. The emotional love triangle gets a tad more ripe and the effects and action finally break through the roof. Third acts are usually the swan song for mythologies but ECLIPSE is just another episode in the saga of TWILIGHT albeit probably the best entry so far. This is funnier than the laborious second act and more exciting than the first. Kristen Stewart continues to grow into a fine actress and Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are admirable when not hamming it up as second fiddle to bellas little temptress, that seems to have the best powers of all the immortals. Makes you wonder why she wants to become an ordinary paleface immortal doesn’t it.

In this episode a class of newborns are unleashed on Seattle to hone their skills for a bloodthirsty blood match against the cullens and the lycans. This is a continuation of the battle first introduced in the first movie a battle that left Victoria beau-less. Along the way we are introduced to enhanced flashbacks which flesh out the rough edges of some of the mythologies less known commodities. We finally relate to Rosalie Hale who seemed to have a thing up her you know where for Bella; but now appears more well, human.

The battle between Jacob(Taylor Lautner) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) develops into a psychological firestorm that is the real sizzle of this entry. Finally do we get some dialogue between the two which ushers in a new dynamic for TWILIGHT fans. Just like a good mystery novel each chapter of the saga reveals a new smidgen of depth. The writer Stephenie Meyer knows how to squeeze alot out of a little and along with screenwriter Melissa Rosenber’s technique has crafted a romance that is slow, but effective teenage romance.

New director David Slade navigates the action and drama laid out for him without fuss. The movie seems to have more closeups than previous entries. We get to see these young beautiful people with their dashing good looks filmed in the beautiful Washington landscape. Some of the effects are ridiculous to me even though they are good looking. For instance a flashback scene where a tribal leader turns into a werewolf is kinda stupid looking. But the effects when displayed without the transformations are more acceptable.

Pacing-wise ECLIPSE has pockets of downtime which will render any non TWILIGHT fan bored stiff. A couple times i related to them as the dialogue and the endless downtime will cause any non believers eyes to roll like a bowling ball. But truthfully it is faithful to what has come before. This is not the kind of material you walk in halfway through. You are either all in or out. Passerby need not apply cause the material as subtle as it is renders them impotent. In other words you have to endure to enjoy.

Consistency wise their were a couple times i noticed paterson pale faced bloodsucker become a little more colorful and his eyes changed colors. Obviously fans will probably dismiss this inconsistency but it bothered me. The final battle kinda episodic and not as grand as i would have wanted but… What do you expect? That’s what it is an episode in a grander scheme crafted by a clever writer with a few tricks up her sleeve.

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