Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi Rhyming Review For ‘John Carter’

Rhyming Review For ‘John Carter’

‘John Carter’ is a sci-fi action adventure that takes place on the planet Mars
The lead roles are played by actors who, to many, aren’t very well known stars

Some main supporting roles are played (actually voiced) by actors you may know
You’ll recognize the voices of actors Thomas Haden Church and Willem Defoe

I say voices because they voice the planet’s creatures that are tall, thin and green
Humans are there too and each group has members who are good and who are mean

The main character gets transported to Mars and, obviously, John Carter is his name
He lives in America in the 1800’s and searching for caves filled with gold is his game

Once on Mars he becomes part of an ongoing war and decides to help with their fights
He also discovers that on this planet he has the ability to leap to incredible heights

He ends up helping to defeat the bad guys, rescuing the princess and, ‘saving the day’
He adapts very well to Mars, and with nothing left for him on Earth, wants to stay

This film is very watchable–it’s entertaining and the special effects are all very good
It has a good mix of action and adventure and, would I recommend it, yes, I would

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