This movie doesn’t come out for a couple more days, but I was able to get into a lovely preview.  It stars Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, and Kevin Spacey.  It is rated PG and is about one hour and fifty-six minutes long.

This movie is about the lesser known Clause, Fred, Nick’s Brother.  Fred is the older brother of Nick, and finds that he ends up living in the shawdow of the boy who eventually becomes Santa Clause.  Fred hates Christmas and everything it stands for, mostly because it stands for the fact that his brother is considered the stand-up generous guy, whereas he is considered the black sheep.  Santa ends up in a little bit of trouble because Kevin Spacey’s character is there to preform a quality assurance test.  Kevin Spacey wants Santa to fail, and he wants the north pole to close down.  Of course Christmas isn’t the only thing Kevin wants to close down, he wants to give the Easter Bunny his walking papers.  Oh No, Not the Easter Bunny!

 This movie had some very funny moments.  Especially in the beginning when Fred Clause is chased through Chicago by . . . well you really should go see the movie.  Vince Vaughn plays Fred Clause as a character that you can’t quite hate, but you can’t quite love him at first either.  Kevin Spacey’s Character is played with such evil zeal it reminded me of the character he played in usual suspects, you aren’t quite sure why he is doing what he does, but you know he is up to no good.  There is also one scene in the movie that involves Stephen Baldwin, Frank Stallone and Roger Clinton which was hilarious and you don’t want to miss it.

The one thing that bothered this movie, well one of the main things, was the father of the Clause children.  The character seemed to have something to say so many times but he doesn’t say anything.  Every time the mother, played by Kathy Bates, puts Fred down the father rolls his eyes and you keep expecting him to say something like “lay off Fred” or anything.

If you like a good sappy comedy go see this.  It is a great movie for kids, and adults who want a funny movie without all the farting and sex jokes.