the last legion


1hr 50mins


Doug Lefler


Ben Kingsley Colin Firth

Clever little fantasy narrated by Ben Kingsley. It’s kind of like the princess bride but a tad more serious although i found myself chuckling a couple times but in a good nature way. Some of it is over the top completely but add an insatiable mix of historical and fantastical storytelling by an ingenious narrator with a hidden agenda and I’ll excuse any trespasser who didn’t mean any harm…

As long as you move now and be quick about it!

Some movies you take them for what they are i know most people don’t like to hear that when they are starving for excellent entertainment and i agree with that. However not every movie can be a GODFATHER or LORD OF THE RINGS. Of course you don’t have to be completely mediocre either. And this LAST LEGION toys with that line. It is campy and old fashioned but harmless. Kind of like a small child with innocent naivete. It passes but barely because it seems a subtle miscalculation which resulted in going East when you really meant to go West.

Romulus (Thomas Sangster), the last of the Caesars is being chased after Rome
is vanquished by an evil Warlord. With the assistance of a Roman commander named Aurelius, Mira a warrior beauty(love interest) and Ambrosinius they band together for harrowing escapes and adventure on a quest they hope will lead them to the legendary Ninth legion.
Ben Kingsley is great as a hero for a change and the sight of Colin Firth as an action hero is so unusually daring i was under the impression a twist of some kind was going to develop.

Everyone takes a stand when they are called upon and mostly everyone looks neat and clean and tidy. The dirt and grit is reserved for the bad guys who don’t need to be given petty things like dramatic motivation ar romantic involvement. This
is not HEAT that’s for sure. And to be honest it’s a good thing their parts were small the dialogue is dreadful. I can almost sense the more ruthless critics wanting to burn the theater down.

Nothing special about the effects and that is just begging for trouble especially when your handling Sorcery and magic spells and what not. Fireballs coming out of hands is hilarious when it doesn’t look real. But unlike WILLOW i felt the magic in the imagination.

Action wise this is below average. Battle sequences have a by the numbers lack of imagination to them. No slow motion high octane sword
battles in mid air or nothing I mean nothing.And that spoils what could have been a better ride.

Otherwise watch at your own risk.