Case 39 Review

Is another heart thumping movie though a little predictable. A pretty kid with dark secrets and never ending mysteries happening after she’s around with any of the cast.

I had a hard time thinking how the main charcater will end the chaos since it looks like its impossible. After what the parents endured for so long with their own daughter. Unstoppable killing in mysterious ways that looks like self inflicted. A really good movie that will give you nightmares for a week.

“Why Emily, why Emily, why Emily” dialogue of Lilith with Emily while inside the elevator. This scene was stuck in my head for a while. I’m really scared with this one I felt like dying together with Emily on the falling elevator.

The plot was so cool, the arrangement on how to get rid of the characters that support the main characters until Emily was left alone and face the enemy by herself.

Actors/Actresses looks so convincing in the character they are into. Doug shows a real fear after the session he had with the kid. Detective Barron look stiff though that must be it being in an enforcer. Emily looks tough even scared which gives me hope in the whole movie that she can do it, get rid of the kid.

Must watch movie.

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