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Slumdog Millionaire

 Year: 2008 | Starring: Dev Patel, Anil Kapoor, Freida Pinto | Directed By: Danny Boyle | Length: 120 min.

Slumdog Millionaire was 2009 ‘s “Oscar Outsider”. The previous 2 years, we’ve had a slightly off-beat movie receive a best picture nomination. In 2007 Little Miss Sunshine was the “little-movie that could” and in 2008, we had a film that seemed like its younger cousin, Juno, walking down the redcarpet sticking out like a sore thumb.

Overall, I enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire very much. Stylistically, it stands out for its beautiful cinematography (am I the only one that got visions of Darjeeling Limited during parts of this film?) and wonderful editing. There is a scene where the youngest version of the protagonist is running through the streets of Mumbai that is amazingly edited. Slumdog deserved an Oscar nomination for its editing and cinematography. However, because of its weak story and frailly pieced together plot I don’t believe it deserved the best picture.

There were three key plot holes that bothered me about this film and here they are (if you are concerned about spoilers you should not read them and skip to the next paragraph):

1. How did Jamal get on the show? We heard how impossible it was to get on, then he just somehow got on.
2. When did Jamal fall in love with Latika? We kind of see them interacting for a minute, and automatically he’s a child in love. This seemed rushed to me.
3. Why did Salim have a change of heart at the end? He did a complete 180 for no apparent reason.

There is also a great deal of complex questions that are explained away by “destiny”. I don’t mind faith or destiny being the occassional reason behind something unexplainable, however Slumdog crosses the line at times to the point of absurdity.

Plot holes aside, you’d have to be a real curmudgeon not to have fun watching this movie. Besides its superior editing and cinematogrpahy, it is well paced and the actors are extremely likable. Slumdog may not have been one of my top 5 films of 2008, but I wouldn’t rank it anywhere lower than 10.

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  1. Although I do agree that be editign was good, I must beg to differ on the plot. The plot, I felt was quite strong, and the underlying message being conveyed which relates to poverty is clear. It is realistic, yett intruiging and is almost inspirational, and gives you the idea that you can do anything, however cliched that message may be. I do agree though that there were several unanswered questions, but considering the low budget available the directors have done a good job, with the acting second to none.

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