There is a focus people put on the knowledge of the time. How much time until a deadline? What time is work? Do I have time to do this or that? There is even a focus put on when someone is going to fall in love. The Film TiMER (2009) directed by Jac Schaeffer is a Romantic Comedy which takes place in an alternative adaptation of modern day Los Angeles. The  film stars Emma Caulfield, Michelle Borth, and John Patrick Amedori.

TiMER  starts off with a close up on a parking meter which is displaying a digital display of a time, which is increasing as money is put into the meter. This focus on the meter starts off the films focus on time and continues to be established throughout the film with the showing of people’s timers to the display on clocks. We are then introduced to the main character, Oona (Emma Caulfield), when a man approaches her and asks if he is late. They proceed into a store which resembles the set up of a mobile phone store and the sales associate welcomes Oona back again. The store which they have entered sells Timers which get implanted into the recipient’s wrist and displays a countdown telling when they will meet their soul mate. Oona’s timer does not display a countdown, which means her soul mate has yet to receive a timer. In a quest to find her true love Oona dates only men who do not currently have a timer and following multiple dates she convinces them to get one. The man who she met outside the store was coming to get a timer. Following the timer being implanted and discovering he has two years until he meets his soul mate (along with seeing Oona’s timer is still blank) they end their relationship seeing no point in continuing when they know they are not meant for each other. Oona decides to do something she doesn’t typically do and she begins a relationship with a man who has a timer and will be meeting his soul mate in four months. Through this relationships and encounters with other people and her family questions begin to arise concerning the timers and if they truly are beneficial or if the knowledge they provide takes something away from the people who have come to be reliant on them.

While the use of camera angles were basic and similar to what can be seen in other romantic comedies the close-up’s used were shots which aided in establishing the since of time. The close-up shots were usually focused on clock displays and the timers on wrists. Along with showing the time and the timers I found the use of the music and sounds throughout  the film to be beneficial in establishing the focus on time which was a theme within the movie. The rhythm  and music throughout the film was reminiscent of the ticking of a clock and could be heard throughout the film as the characters walked about or with the changing of the scenes.

The film has an original idea and approach to the telling of a love story and had the audience in frequent laughter. The storyline of the film was not difficult to follow and held my interest and even left me and others wondering if they would want to know when they were to meet their soul mate or if they wanted the uncertainty and opportunity to meet and experience different people. 

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