Stardust stars Claire Danes, Michelle Pheifer, and Robert DiNero.  It is in a little bit of camoflauge, as it looks like a children’s movie, but in reality it isn’t.  It is more of a fantasy/comedy movie.  The setting is in older days, but it is also a fantasy so it isn’t really set in reality and has some mysticism in it. This movie is rated PG-13, so don’t think of taking your little 7 year olds.  In fact I don’t suggest taking anyone younger than 10.  I wouldn’t want to have to explain why a male character is wearing a dress. 

In the realm of fantasy it is a pretty good movie.  It had all you could ask for, witches, romance, sword fights, and a hint of homosexuality.   There was at least one very interesting swordfight, and one moment of magical intervention that was quite fun.  There are several scenes of death and dying, which might be too intense for younger viewers, so I don’t suggest bring anyone young, again.  Michelle Phiefers character is a lot of fun, and does many things with magic that she shouldn’t.  all of this action is to save or kill the star, played by Claire Danes.

 A lot of the movie gave of a little bit of humor, actually a lot of humor.  There was one scene which inviolved a king and four of his sons, which will make you laugh and look at your own siblings in a different light, especially if you have parents that will be leaving you somthing. 

The movie also started off very slowly, and some of the beginning was a little pointless.  We didn’t really need to see all of the parts with Tristin (the main character), trying to woo the girl who doesn’t want him.  Some of those could have either been cut out or shortened.  And some scenes were a little long, and could have been edited a little more.

All in all this was afun movie, and it had you guessing what was going to happen with the star, almost until the very end of the movie.  I would recommend it to anyone over the age of 12.  Although my 10 year old sister liked it, she didn’t understand some of the sexual references, and I for one did not want to have to explain it to her.  It is a fun little romp, and not too long. 

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