DEAR JOHN, is a classic, love, romance movie that tugs at your heart strings. It Stars Channing Tatum as John Tyree a sergeant in the United States Army, Amanda Seyfried as Savannah a college student. Richard Jenkins as John’s father who has passion for three things only his son, cooking, and collecting coins. This movie takes place in Charleston South Carolina on the beautiful beach, spring of 2001 right before 9-11-2001.

As the movie begins John Tyree gets shot. While he lies on the ground in agony and shock he has a flash back to when he was eight years old. In a coin factory with his dad listening to a man describe how coins are made. He goes on to explain how he feels like a coin in the United States Army. Who now has two holes in him and is no longer in perfect condition. Then the movie takes you back to happier times of John back home in Charleston surf boarding.

During this scene Savannah accidentally drops her purse in the water. John bravely jumps over a bridge into the water and gets it for her. This gesture really impresses Savannah opening the door for them to meet. As John and Savannah gets to know each other more you can see the obvious likeness between them. Surf boarding and being with Savannah becomes the highlight of John’s life during his two week leave.John and his father don’t really have much of a connection unless they are talking about coins. In two weeks Savannah and John fall head over heels in love with each other.

But those two weeks fly by quickly and he has to go back to the army for twelve months. Which really disappoints Savannah who doesn’t want him to go. After one last encounter John goes back to the Army and Savannah goes back to school. For the next twelve months John and Savannah communicate through love letters. Then the tragic 9-11-2001 hits at first John refuses to extend his tour, and goes home to be with Savannah. Eventually he returns to serve his country and carry out his duties. They continue to communicate through their love letters until one day Savannah’s letters just stop coming.

After a long period of waiting to receive a letter he finally hears from Savannah. That letter changes his life from that point on, shortly afterwards he gets shot. His life becomes one emotional rollercoaster after another as he deals with his dad, his love for Savannah and his career as a United States Sergeant.

Honestly Nicholas Sparks wrote a wonderful love story that we can all relate to whether you’re in the military or not, but especially if you are in the military or involved with someone in the military. Producer Marty Bowen and the other Producers of this movie did an excellent job capturing the realism of Charleston South Carolina, Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq. They portrayed the action and graphics of someone being in the military deployed overseas very well. 

My opinion on the movie it was pretty good, since I am a sucker for love stories. Would I have paid ten dollars to see at the movie theaters? Probably not…but you would have to see the movie and make your own conclusions. But I would suggest that you buy the book and read it first to get an in-depth idea of the story and the characters in it.

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