The Karate Kid Starring Jaden Smtih and Jackie Chan takes place in China today’s time. This is an action packed, drama filled movie guaranteed to keep on the edge of your seats. Young Dre(Jaden Smith) is faced with many challenges when his mom gets a promotion and he’s forced to move to China. The first day he arrives in he is treated like an outsider who doesnt belong there. He only has two friends who make him feel welcomed. The girl he has a crush on is forced to stop being his friend because of her parent’s disapproval of Dre. Mr. Han(Jackie Chan) a resident maintenace man, is also an old school martial arts instructor. He comes to Dre’s rescue during a very drastic and needed time. After that Dre asks him to teach him karate so he can defend himself and stop being afraid. From that day on Dre’s life is destined for change as Mr. Han teaches him the true meaning of Kung Fu. Even Mr. Han’s life changes when he realizes what a good friend Dre is. To make a long story short The Karate Kid is a very inspiring movie that will make you laugh and make you cry. It has great messages for kids about facing your fears, standing strong, and getting back up whenever life knocks you down. So anyone who’s intending to see the movie trust me you will not be disappointed. It will definitely be worth the money you spend to see it, you too will walk inspired at this twelve year old kids bravery and strength.

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  1. whatever J.C. Simpson I would like to see you get off tail after someone has nearly broken your leg and still kick your enemies butt. He is probably stronger than you, but dont hate on the kid he did a wonderful job in this movie he is going to be a great actor like his mom and dad!

  2. I’m a 15 year old MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter in Muay Thai, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Wrestling, Judo and Tae Kwon Do, So I can probably take Jaden Smith to town, and I am simply making a point that he is NOT a good actor. I think Will Smith is a great actor, and I also think that Jada Pinkett-Smith is a great actor, but he just can’t act, in my opinion. When he does he plays the SAME annoying, idiotic kid who is trying to get something out of life. In this, he was trying to sway a girl and was learning how to fight from Jackie Chan. This is a role that Ralph Machio did very well. In The Day the Earth Stood Still, which blew regardless of acting, he was trying to find his way in the world (though he is like frickin 8 years old) and trying to find a father figure. In The Pursuit of Happiness, he played an annoying little kid who was bring down his father’s performance. I am just saying that he is really an annoying kid who is only getting far in his career because of his father and mother. And to introduce my stance on your “but-kickery after leg damage” comment, and would like to point out that in one of my fights, I fought a 7′ black guy with an 82″ reach and broke two ribs, along with a broken collarbone. I broke his jaw and got him in a Kimura and made him tap with the former injuries. So I am not trying to add anything to my man card by saying this, I am just proving MY point. Also, Jaden woulda gotten his ass BEAT by those kids. And why did they switch around “wax on, wax off?!” you can’t just do that!

  3. Well J.C. I still think you are wrong for talking about Jaden like that, after all he is a kid and those are only roles he are playing. That is not who is in real life, I believe even if his parents werent superstars he would still getting acting or modeling gigs because he is a cute kid, and that’s what the media looks for goodlooking people. They dont care who their parents are. Have you seen the movie because in the movie Jaden was not just fighting to sway a girl he wanted to learn karate to keep the bullies from picking on him for no reason anymore and he wanted to stand up to his fears and not be afraid to fight anymore. Anyway your opinion is your opinion, but keep in mind in the fresh prince Will was an annoying 17 year old kid trying to get something out of life and constantly sway girls. And in A Different World Jada was an annoying college student lying to get by in the world. So stop criticizing Jaden he is only 12 we should support our kids and lift them up especially when they are doing something positive.

  4. The movie was definitely worth watching. In life, there would always be racial discrimination. However, the movie proved it wrong. No matter if you’re black or white, if you can live up to the correct and proper values of life, you’ll be accepted by others.

    As for Jaden, his acting is nice. There is a certain something that makes you so attached to the kid after the movie.

    The soundtrack was also worth commending. It made the movie become a mix of ancient and modern culture.

    This is a journey to the nearly forgotten traditions of China.

  5. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett were both awesome in those roles, whereas Jaden just seems… eh, nevermind it all. Like I said earlier, the film was okay. Jackie Chan did good, and the soundtrack was well mixed. I think that this movie would have been better if they had gotten someone else to play the kid, but hey, what do I really know. I’m not a woman so I am not attracted to the whole “cute little kid” mentality, but I think this was an alright summer movie. The people who casted it obviously did well because all I have seen in most of the reviews on this movie that I have read are “how cute was Jaden Smith” so whatev, your opinion is sound and just.

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