Multiplicitystars Michael Keaton, Andie MacDowell, Harris Yulin, Eugene Levy, and Brian Doyle-Murray.  It is produced by Harold Ramis and Trevor Albert.  The director is Ramis.

The story centers around an overworked man named Doug Kinney (Keaton) who struggles to find time for his wife (MacDowell) and kids as well as himself while working long hours.  One day, after completely losing control during a job, a geneticist named Leeds (Yulin) talks to Doug about creating a clone to work for him while he spends more time with his family.  He quickly discovers that the family time is keeping him from having some time for himself.  So, he goes back to Leeds and makes another clone to spend some time with the family while he has time by himself.

Multiplicity is one of Keaton’s best films.  As an actor, it is hard enough to play just one role in a film.  Here, he plays four different roles.  The first role he plays is that of the movie’s main character, Doug Kinney.  The second is Doug’s first clone, a lonely workaholic.  The next is his second clone, a considerate perfectionist.  The last is his clone of a clone, Doug with the intelligence of a child.  He is not as bright as the original Doug because he is a clone of Doug’s first clone, not of Doug himself.

This final clone is one of the highlights of the film.  He is the comedy relief.  “Four”, as he is called in the movie, goes around calling all the other Dougs “Steve” and speak in a sort of child voice.  I guess you could say he acts as a sort of son to the other clones.  He is hilarious!

To wrap, I believe Multiplicity is a fun movie for the whole family.  I give it four-and-a-half stars out of five.

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