Phase 4 FilmsPauly Shore burst onto the Hollywood scene in 1992 with the release of the caveman comedy Encino Man. With his long-curly hair, his wild tie-dyed clothes and his signature dialogue delivery, Pauly was hotter than a 3-alarm fire. In 1993, Pauly stared in the mildly funny comedy Son in Law.

However, Pauly’s fire would quickly be put out after a string of complete flops, In the Army Now (1994), Jury Duty (1995), Bio-Dome (1996), just about killed his career.

Pauly has survived over the years by doing guest spots and voice over work for TV and by doing stand up comedy.

He caught some people’s attention in 2003 when he wrote and directed Pauly Shore is Dead, which is a mockumentary about Pauly faking his own death.

Now Pauly is back with another mockumentary that he has written and directed called Adopted.

After spending time with his brother’s kids, Pauly begins to feel something is missing in his life. Children. Instead of starting a relationship, getting married and having his own kids, Pauly decides to do what Angelina Jolie and Madonna did. Go to Africa and adopt.

A camera crew follows Pauly around Africa, more specifically South Africa, filming him as if he is making a documentary about his experience. While Pauly does interact with real locals in the film, everyone involved with the adoption angle are actors.

Pauly first goes to an all girls school that is sponsored by Oprah Winfrey looking to adopt a child. When that doesn’t work, he turns to a traditional medicine woman for help. She has a friend who is a social worker at an orphanage.

Pauly is allowed to take 3 kids, one at a time, out with him for a day to see how well they get along with each other. It is not long before we see that Pauly is more interested in chasing women than he is about being a father. Each day turns out to be quite an adventure for both Pauly and the child. Landing Patch Productions

Some people maybe turned off by the comic way that Pauly approaches the topic of adoption, but if you’re familiar with his over-the-top style, then you shouldn’t have any problems like me.

There are several funny scenes when Pauly talks to people on the streets, spends the day with the 3 children and in the voice overs he does to narrate some segments.

Like in America, some of the South African residents enjoy being around Pauly while others take an instant dislike to his strange behavior.

After all of these years, Pauly is still the same wild and crazy guy he was when people first took notice of him. Some people enjoy mocking him more than they do his work. Yes, he has made some really bad movies, but he can be funny at times.

If you enjoyed Adopted, stick around after the final credits to see some humorous out-takes from the filming.

Adopted is a Direct-to-DVD release that will probably not shoot Pauly Shore back towards the top of Hollywood, but it is definitely way better than some of his other work. Check it out!

Adopted is currently available on DVD.

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