Shoot em’ Up

“Shoot em’ Up” stars Clive Owen (Sin City) and Paul Giamatti (Sideways) in a bloody battle for a orphan child. This action comedy takes place in the streets of New York City when a loner decides to take matters into his own hands.

The film centers on the mysterious carrot munching character Mr. Smith, a bum with nothing to lose. He encounters a pregnant woman being chased by a ruthless killer and manages to deliver her baby. The mother dies soon after giving birth and Mr. Smith is left to take care of the baby that are being tracked down by assassins.

Well shot angles that make it easy to tell what is going on helps keep the viewer interested, which is what makes “Shoot em Up” so bloody good. This includes many scenes, especially the sky diving scene. This is without a doubt Michael Davis’ most entertaining movie to date. Also, a scorching soundtrack to go with the continuous action.

Great performances from Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti. I especially liked Giamatti as the antagonist in the film. He stole the show for me. Some of its flaws are based on it scripted formula. A charged beginning and an explosive ending. The bullets fly and the people slide, now that’s entertainment.

“Shoot em’ Up” does have some extremely bloody moments and takes over-the-top to a whole new level. It starts off with a bang and never lets up. Non-stop action and some cheesy one-liners to keep its steady pace. Grease up the floors and let the bullets fly in one of the coolest movies of the year.

4 thoughts on “Shoot em’ Up”

  1. Sounds like it might end up being as much if not more fun that CRANK. This sounds like the sort of movie I thought Hot Fuzz would be when I watched it and was very disappointed..

  2. I agree with Wes. It definitely fell under the same category as Crank, although I enjoyed this one much more. Clive Owen is much more witty than Jason Statham, and the overall film had a bit more style.

  3. I loved this movie as well, it’s one of my favorites this year so far. It was completely over the top and played out like a long live action Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudge cartoon but that’s what made it gerat.

    good review Derek.

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