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Film bytes, three mini reviews

Clash of the Titans (2010.) [action-adventure]

I confess not to have seen the original 80’s version, thus my opinion is wholly based on this “remake”. It can also be summarized in one word. Garbage. To elaborate: Clash of the Titans is a combination of crippled and abused remnants of Greek mythology shoehorned into an action adventure movie with horrible acting, a script that is only a notch above Rambo and a collection of worn out CGI effects. The 3D version wasn’t even made with Cameron’s technology,  the effects actually being added into the film in post production which means that the “3D” is barely noticeable and adds nothing of value to this admittedly hopeless attempt at film making.

1/5 stars, and that’s a gift.

Alice in Wonderland (2010.) [action-adventure]

Oh Tim, how far you’ve fallen from the eccentric and unique film maker that brought us “Edward Scissorhands” and “Sleepy Hollow”. Alice in Wonderland, a prime opportunity to show your quirkiness squandered by bowing down to cliches and trends of commercial cinema.  Indeed this is not the classic fable at all but a combination of the original tale, Through the Looking Glass and… something else, its back broken to conform to stale action adventure cliches . And, Tim – it doesn’t work. Also its yet another case of 3D being added in post production adding absolutely nothing to the overall experience. What is there to say Tim? All that remains is a mocking Chershire grin. Better luck next time.

3/5 stars, lenient indeed.

Agora (2009.) [drama, historical]

How I wish I could praise Agora unconditionally. Its a rare gem in film making, a historical epic that is not centered around wars and conquests – but about turbulent times and the fate of one intellectual in them. She being Hypatia (grandly played by Rachel Weisz), the famous mathematician and philosopher who lived towards the end of the classical era. The conflict: rise of Christianity and the decline of pagan beliefs, in the phenomenally well designed city of Alexandria. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the sets and costumes, but they did a wonderful job of immersing me into the atmosphere of the era and were an immense pleasure to watch.

Sadly Agora falls into the muck of modern politics and completely ruins its painstakingly built world and plot. I’m referring to its incredibly biased and hateful portrayal of Christianity and Christians as a rabid, degenerate mob and Hypatia, a “liberal atheist” as their victim. The real Hypatia was indeed killed by a Christian mob but over a political conflict that had nothing to do with religion. She was also almost certainly a pagan herself, not an atheist as the film portrays.  Thus “Agora” became a vehicle for political views, which watered down the experience significantly.

3.5 stars, sadly.

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