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A Thousand Words-Review

 Fast-talking literary agent, Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) breaks a promise made to a spiritual guru, Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis) regarding being fully committed to representing his book. A Bodhi tree shows up in his back yard and somehow Jack is mysteriously connected to the tree. Every time he says a word a leaf falls. It is only when Dr. Sinja tells him about the dangerous significance when all of the leaves have fallen. As a guy who is used to using his words to manipulate people, must silence himself even when his marriage and career becomes jeopardized. What will happen when all of the leaves fall? Will Jack somehow convince Dr. Sinja to stop the leaves from falling? Is Jack’s life in danger?





I enjoy watching the typical Eddie work in a film. He’s always loud and opinionated with an open sense of humor. Sadly, this film was quite predictable and left me utterly bored. The lines weren’t convincing enough even when Jack’s wife, Caroline (Kerry Washington), kept yelling at him for his “lack of communication.” Jack’s assistant, Aaron Wiseberger (Clark Duke), tried to dip his hand in urban comedy but it just looked sad and dull. Again, this film was a complete bore; even in the end with the life-changing background music, I was counting the minutes until the credits. All in all, I am a fan of Eddie but I will never see this film again.

Rating: 2 stars

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