Man on the ledge-Review

Ex-cop, Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) escaped from prison to rush to one of New York’s tallest building and threaten to jump off the ledge. While there, he gains focus of the crowd and media below as a diamond heist is  in motion that will or will not prove his innocence. Police psychologist, Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks), who lost her previous suicide jumper is requested by Nick. The more she talks to him to not jump, the more her suspicions rise as to what Nick’s real motive is for being there. Will he jump? Will they find the diamond? Will Lydia find out that he is an escapee and figure out about the heist?Review:

. I must saw that Sam is really making a name for himself. He has been is quite a few movies back-to-back for the past couple years. He is also a very engaging actor. When he is passionate about something, you can see it on every  expression line on his face. This is that type of film where the trailer tells you the beginning, middle, and end but I was still satisfied with the predictability-which is rare. I knew he would be on the ledge but the heist with his brother, Joey (Jamie Bell) and his girlfriend, Angie (Genesis Rodriguez) were filled with suspense. The pillow-gripping moments when they nearly get caught and the comedy moments when they bicker, brought a nice package to make me keep watching. Who bickers during a heist? I like that because it eases the tension of their current situation of getting busted and all three thrown in jail.  I admire the director and writer’s skills because for two ameteurs to start off with a great plan of how to get into a high security building, outsmart guarded technology and having a plan B if things get out of hand. Great job. This film is high packed with suspense (especially the end) and it does a great job revealing the real reason Nick was arrested. The chemistry between the characters are inviting and I’m sold. A great date night film. All in all, I will see this film again.

Rating: 4 stars

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