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Rhyming Review For ‘Chronicle’

‘Chronicle’ is a sci-fi movie about three teens who discover something cool

This happens when they’re out one night partying with friends from school

They find a strange hole in the ground and go in it to see what it’s all about

They don’t know what’s in there but they are changed when they come out

Telekinesis is what they think they have since they can move things with their mind

Starting out with little objects they move on to bigger items they can find

One of the kids documents this with a video camera that he keeps on all day long

They develop and strengthen their powers and use it for things that border on wrong

Eventually they also realize that this power has given them the ability to fly

They play around with this ability and figure out how to get high up in the sky

All of this power goes to their heads and causes problems that are not pretty

It changes their lives and leads to a fight scene where they destroy the city

The story ends up very serious and dark although it starts out interesting and fun

It’s short and has good special effects so, if you’re a sci-fi fan, I say see this one

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