“Push” is a hypnotic action packed film written by David Bourla and directed by Paul McGuigan, which are both not very well known. However I think that this movie could put them on the radar. It was a very creative piece written and a top notch cast. Starring the young Dakota Fanning, who proves her greatness in every movie she does. 

This is a very fast paced movie, with a lot going on, at times it can be overwhelming. The cast does a great job showing you their emotions quickly and letting you into their minds and powers!

The world these people live in are filled with people with super natural abilities, and there is an organization called the Division that want to control all of them. The Division has a drug that they have been testing out on these people, but it has been killing everyone. The twist comes when a young girl Kira Hudson (Camilla Belle) lives through the procedure and escapes with a syringe filled with this new drug.

Nick Grant (Chris Evans) is a second generation ‘mover’ who has been hiding out in Hong Kong ever since his father was murdered ten years before. He has been trying to hide his super natural ability, trying to hide from the division. He does a good job at it until a thirteen year old girl Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning) who is a ‘watcher’ comes into his life and asks for his help. Which Nick reluctantly does at first, but then seems to grow a strong liking for this young child. Nick and Cassie go on a sporadic and dangerous hunt to find Kira and the syringe, which is the only way to bring down the Division.

“Push” is filled with lots of action and a growing friendship between this young child and a young man. This film caught my attention from the moment it started until the very end. The fight scenes where very different and exciting, leaving you wanting more.

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Betty Waters a waitress /law student/mum, kind of like a superwoman on her own, Kenny a lovable guy, good dad and decent husband. Kenny and Betty are siblings who grew