Prometheus (2012)


In 1979, a movie called “Alien” was released and created a perfect blend of science fiction and horror. After the movie became a huge success, “Alien” spawned several sequels; the last few entries were not as good as the first one. Now we have “Prometheus”, which is being cited as a prequel to the “Alien” franchise. Is it a prequel? Yes. And while the film does have its flaws, “Prometheus” delivers science fiction fans something unique in the process.


The plot has a group of scientists finding ancient archeological artifacts that relate to aliens. Now aboard the spaceship Prometheus, the scientists make a journey to the planet where the aliens might be. Once there, they find some things that should not have been found at all.


“Prometheus” is a good set up for things to come. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s good nonetheless. The story is intriguing and interesting as it uses the franchise to its advantage. It makes use of what is to come in “Alien” as well as possible hints at a sequel. The direction by Ridley Scott is a nice return to science fiction genre since 1982’s “Blade Runner”. And of course, what sells the movie are the visual effects. They are definitely good and provide an unknown world in which the characters can interact with. The pacing gets everything moved to what is going to happen next very well. “Prometheus” shows that science fiction can have its moments, when needed, of course.


As stated before, this film isn’t perfect. There are three flaws in which “Prometheus” downgrades the audiences opinion. First off, the story goes off on a tangent as it almost tries to be a remake of “Alien”. Second, while the cast is good, especially Michael Fassbender as the android David, there were some actors and actresses that felt out of place (looking at you Noomi Rapace) and their characters did not feel believable. Finally, and this is the most important one of all, the theme of isolation found in the original “Alien” is lost here. Instead we get an ideal of creationism and trust. If the movie had taken that route, then it would be perfect.


As it stands, “Prometheus” is good, but could have been handled so much better. There’s a lot of visual references to “Alien” and that’s what fans will love. But there will be some people out there who may find this a disappointment as there are some flaws to the film. While not true “Alien” material, “Prometheus” is entertaining and a nice prequel to a good franchise. Here’s hoping that a sequel is in the works soon.

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