When an alien planet is discovered with the likeness of Earth and its resources, NASA and other governmental organizations send a message to them to communicate. They didn’t expect the message to be responded with their visit and they land in the ocean near Hawaii. Now it is up to Lieutenant Alex Hooper (Taylor Kitsch) and his Navy crew to protect Earth. With the battleships set, will Earth be a match against the alien intelligence’s firearms?


Omgoodness! I cannot put enough descriptive words in this review on how terrible this film was. I really hate how lazy Hollywood is getting. They throw in an abundance amount of CGI but put in pathetic slots (if any) towards the focus on the directing, acting, plot, back story and others. It’s sad that a bunch of explosives can easily make a blockbuster hit and it’s also sad that consumers allow it to happen. Whatever happened to when we were drawn into a scene giving us mixed emotions as we try to relate to the actors or at least try to understand except for settling for a movie loaded with green screen? To start things off, it took way too long to get to the premise of the film and that’s to see the battleships. The scenes ran too long and just showed too much of Alex and how his shenanigans are wasting away his potential; lame and boring. Too much time was wasting on non-important scenes that weren’t strong enough for the audience to care about. For instance as in most films like this one, Alex gets into a fight with a fellow Navy officer numerous times and when the alien battle starts they band together to survive; lame and stupid. I hated all of the actors and they’re performances, including Liam Neeson who played Admiral Shane (and I’m a big fan of his), but I hated Rihanna the most who played Petty Officer Cora “Weps” Raikes. From what I got, she was supposed to the level headed character that brings relaxing points in the film with her small comedic remarks. Each one of her lines gave me a headache. She talked about nothing and I didn’t believe anything she said even if she said the sky is blue, nothing. Her character was not a necessity and should not have been included in the film. Not only did she get way too much screen time but her acting was below par. She was probably casted to sell the film just with her appearance but that was also a failure because her appearance just seemed like she was trying too hard to be an actor and looked to be having a hard time with the short lines she was given; like I said a waste. I hated the script, the directing, the location and the CGI. All of them nearly put me to sleep several times even through the action scenes. I desperately hope there will not be a part two because I would suggest to just play the game to get more entertainment. All in all, I will never see this film again. Rating: ½ star, yes that’s correct half a star!

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  1. I couldn’t do anything else but Laugh-Out-Loud about your comments on the review, and like you, I would have paid extra just to short the length of the movie, it was a drag. As what I liked about the movie, just the music when the Aliens would arise to the surface, Ha!, and that’s about it! Oh, by the way, did you notice, when Alex was fighting in the soccer field, if you look closely, whenever the camera will take shots during the same scene, he would show blood on his lips and others he wouldn’t. C’mon! Was anyone there reviewing what they just filmed! Apparently they all fell asleep while filming

  2. Absolutely agree with the idea that ‘Battleship’ is a total waste of time and money! 208 million dollars, which was the budget for this annoying illogical so called blockbuster should have been given to the hungry people in Africa or to the Greenpeace to save some dying species of lions! And I am not even mentioning the good reviews from critics! As one of my good friends said, that was probably where the huge part of the budget money went to. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to spend that much money for this disastrous piece of cinema.

  3. I disagree with you guys, I think Battleship was really good, yes they had some hiccups and such and they shouldn’t of put Rhianna in it but it was really a good movie. I liked the visual effects, I loved the actions scenes, I loved the acting except with my previous problem with one of the actors, I think what the problem was is that you walked in and saw it with to high expectations and I do agree also the hype was taken to far but it wasn’t that terrible of a movie I give it 4/5 stars…

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