Everyone likes a happy ending? An idiom quite popular, a trail of thought that most viewers are already preprogrammed to, this is why when there is a twist or a cliff hanger at the end of the worst of movies it gets high ratings. A majority of Hollywood hits tread this same path and CONTRABAND dare not differ. Movies related to smuggling, drug trafficking, human trafficking is common now don’t you think? A hackneyed approach to a new idea with a hackneyed ending is what CONTRABAND is all about.

Today is all about entertainment, thrills and some type of adrenaline to get you through the day. CONTRABAND has this entire ingredient and hence is a watchable production that will entertain you irrespective of its stereotypical aura. It isn’t a time waster. It does have a tendency to appeal to the male viewer more. Mark Wahlberg lays down his leading man effortlessly and with precision; Kate Beckinsales character is not given enough breathing space by director Baltasar Kormakur to in order grow into someone that the viewer can relate to over the 109 minutes. Beckinsales character and her talent is suppressed and the troubled wives cries do not reach the audience in a way where emotion is stirred. Baltasar Kormakur is adamant on CONTRBAND being stubborn and ensures its testosterone driven and is nothing away from being an action flick. It still banters me that the screenplay was written with some depth rather than what is shown to us on the screen. Even the bond between Chris Farraday (Mark Wahlberg) and Sebastian Abney (Ben Foster) is failed to be captured effectively by Kormakur. The scene at the rehab meeting for Sebastian is fact of the script having the intention of building the friends bond which was a hit and miss.

Chris Farraday a former smuggler who is off the streets and is married to Kate and has 2 beautiful kids. Farraday runs his own business now of installing burglar alarm systems. Farraday is sucked back into the streets when his brother-in-law Andy gets into debt with a drug runner in the neighborhood. Andy is hunted down by the local drug runner Briggs and is beaten up all the way to hospital. In the effort of saving Andys life, Farraday steps in hopefully for the last time to run some merchandise across borders and he is still good at it.

A bland action flick, standard thrills, predictable screenplay which is easy on the actors. COTRABAND is for a lazy afternoon.





RATING: 05/10




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