Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy Rhyming Review For ‘A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas’

Rhyming Review For ‘A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas’

The boys are back for another wacky adventure during Christmas time

They do some raunchy, wild and crazy things that could be called a crime

You’ll get your share of crude humor and of course they smoke some pot

But surprisingly it’s not all about getting high so they really don’t smoke a lot

Harold and Kumar have sort of grown apart as a few years have passed on by

Harold is married and works in New York City and Kumar just gets really high

When they’re brought together during the holidays things happen that are bad

As the events escalate out of control, trying to fix them just makes Harold mad

It has all the usual Christmas movie elements like family, Santa, trees and snow

But there are also bare breasts, penis jokes and a baby who gets high on blow

The familiar lead characters are once again played John Cho and Kal Penn

Also there’s Neil Patrick Harris playing a funny parody of himself again

There’s nothing new brought to the familiar formula but that’s not a bad thing

I enjoyed it and if you saw the first two films then you know what this will bring

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