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That’s 11 Oscar wins out of 14 nominations; 3 movies in the history of motion picture has lived through this honor. BEN-HUR, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING and that which is under today’s spotlight, a movie written in to the top 10 movies considered as EPIC; TITANIC.


What do we know about the RMS Titanic?


The RMS Titanic aka Titanic was at the time the largest ship afloat during her maiden voyage in 1912. Owned by White Star Line her construction began in the year 1909 by Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast and was seen through completion in the year 1911. Taking with her on the 10th April1912, the morn of her maiden voyage are 2224 souls from Southampton to New York. With two stops in France and Ireland successfully behind her the RMS Titanic stretches her legs and torpedoes herself breaking the waters into the clear North Atlantic Ocean. Despite of warnings received (controversial facts that are arguable up-to date by historians) she robustly glided through the supposedly clear waters only to find herself in direct course for collision with an iceberg. An ice berg sealed her fate on the cursed April 14th night, an iceberg that resulted in her lying over 12000 feet below the ocean surface today taking with her 1514 souls out of the 2224 on board on that solemn night in maritime history.




A symbol of celebrating 100 years of the Titanic and as a symbol of celebrating the lives of those lost in sea a century ago on that tragic night this Epic motion picture has been reinvented at the studios as a tribute and as token of an unforgotten memory.


Personally I thoroughly disapprove of movies that abuse the technology of 3D and carelessly flaunt the tag line now in 3D! However it’s impossible not to be wrapped up in the enchanting grandeur of TITANIC. Does it make a great impact with the entire revamp with 3D technology? It does not. If I am to extract the component of 3D out of the picture and dissect it as an individual area I can be quite cynical and hurtful to fans of the movie. Yet, this particular reproduction is entirely justifiable and in no means do I have anything glum to state in this regard. Its 3D re-launch by far is the best step forward in terms of contributing from the motion pictures perspective to this historic celebration. 


Directed, written and edited by James Cameron; TITANIC is the first academy award winner to have all the before mentioned credits to be under one name in our movie history. Critically slandered back in 1997 prior to its release and even after; TITANIC isn’t the perfect screenplay to act as a vehicle to portray the vessels tragedy. Just as the weakness of its hull that was unable to absorb the impact of the giant rock of ice that came upon her that night; the screenplay of TITANIC is its weakest link. That weakness has not in even the most minuscule manner deprived the RMS Titanic her due place in maritime history just as the screenplay has not deprived TITANIC it’s place in Hollywood and in the halls of fame in cinema. What always keeps directors of Cameron’s caliber apart from the ball parks full of amateurs is there passionate involvement in the production. Cameron personally visited the wreck of the Titanic on many occasions with his team of deep sea diving experts. He captured raw footage of the wreckage and edited them into the movie, he lives the movie and thereby stretches his hand out and pulls the audience through the screen and places them right on the RMS Titanic. I have never felt more involved and more captivated by a movie like this. Cameron’s talent is undeniably exclusive and it’s proven when TITANIC conquered the box office as the highest grossing movie of all time only to be tipped off 12 years later by AVATAR in 2009; yet again a James Cameron production. I presume this alone is sufficed for me to state that Mr. Cameron certainly deserves a bow?


Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio are the nitrous behind her commercial success that in its own way did hurt the movies reputation. As the saying goes too much of something is good for nothing, TITANIC did overdose us back in 1997/98 with her commercial popularity. Although Winslet wasn’t able to secure her win at the Oscars for her portrayal of Rose Dewitt Bukater, she indeed won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Leonardo DiCaprio who was found to be just simply cute on screen by all means deserves some noteworthiness for his hard fought battle alongside strong personalities such as Billy Zane, Brock Lovett, David Warner and Victor Gaber. Quite fresh on screen at that time the audience took a while to adjust to the boy from GROWING PAINS and take him to heart in a serious context. I feel with every-time I sit to watch this movie that his heart is entirely in playing Jack Dawson. In my own opinion he loves the character of Jack Dawson and his heart is with the determined and convinced portrayal. Billy Zane would be the most powerful personality on the RMS Titanic during her 4 days afloat. His power, his greed for money and his perseverance to win as the character of Hockley is indeed the better share of acting I would say. Indeed it’s hard to love the villain who tries to separate Jack & Rose. However if one would pay some extra attention and stretch the viewing experience beyond the love story and savor it all, I am certain Billy Zane and his discrimination of the poor is exactly what tips the scales in Jacks favor.


Rose Dewitt Backer is engaged to Cal Hockley. Cal Hockley a steel businessman who has struck wealth at his early ages is the typical go getter businessman of the early 90s. Rose who although comes from a family with similar background and is going through a tough time since her fathers demise is being forced into marriage by her mother with the intent of maintaining their standards of life since the Backer money reserves are taking a hard plunge in the poor direction. They all board the ship of dreams with first class tickets on its maiden voyage. Jack and his chum who wins two 3rd class tickets in lucky hand of poker board the doomed ship just in the nick of time. The strangers meet each other in the most un-thoughtful of ways only to find that they were destined to find each other. The rest as we like to say it is history!


So the next big question, should you watch TITANIC 3D?


The answer is as obvious as the hands in front of your face. Did you like watching it 15 years ago? Are you a fan of its history? Does watching the reinvented version during its time of centenary celebrations carry meaning of value to you? If the answer to more than one of this questions come out as yes, then indeed go for it!


A simple warning, don’t expect this whole idea of 3D to wonders. I loved every single moment of the movie, I enjoyed the movie and not it’s 3D, after all it’s the same movie we all have seen in the years passed by with a gentle tweaking of its pictures depth ratios.


Happy Viewing!



Directed by: James Cameron

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stuart, Bill Paxton, Bernard Hill, David Warner,Suzy Amis, Jonathan Hyde & Victor Gaber

Rated: PG13

Rating: 08/10

195 minutes





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