When something “reeks” that means it stinks. The title of this horror film in review is: Reeker. So, how bad does it stink?

Written and directed by Dave Payne the cast were all virtually unknowns, however you may recognize Eric Mabius, Michael Ironside, and Arielle Kebbel, though I wouldn’t say they are the ones getting the most screen time. Scott Whyte, who plays the character Trip seems to do that, I’ll discuss him in just a second, first comes the plot synopsis: A group of strangers become stranded at an abandoned motel in the desert and began seeing creepy things as well as smelling something rotten and decaying. What’s the stink? The Reeker has come to kill them.

Scott Whyte plays one of the most obnoxious characters you could imagine, which ends up earning him a gold star from me for acting. A role that at first I hated became the only one with much originality and or personality. The rest fell into a bland formula not worth discussing.

The opening of the film was full of logical errors, almost making me turn the Dvd off because sometimes characters actions are so stupid that it doesn’t fall into horror movie cliché it just falls into thinking the filmmakers are dumb. However, a gory occurrence and some interesting special effects saved the moment and kept me watching.

The plot becomes the standard group of people being stalked by something. In this case the “Reeker” is apparently a smell, on screen CGI gas looking entity, which then gives way to a cloaked figure who apparently interchanges power tools on to one of his arm stumps to kill. He is sort of interesting . What is not interesting is the disjointed feel for the film in the way of humor. At first I thought it was trying to be campy fun, but then it just got to where it wasn’t even funny in that way. I did grin twice. Furthermore, what wasn’t funny was after the opening of the film nothing really happens for the next hour. An hour of nothing much! Tension is seemingly built via the soundtrack with some grating music changing in volume at sections to try and make you jump I guess, too predictable. I’m not sure why or who would get scared watching this movie really. Luckily after the first rather dull hour there is only another 25-30 minutes left.

After what appeared to have been the final showdown of pathetic proportions I figured the film was over on a sour, reeking note. However, it plugs on for a bit more and actually you end up getting a twilight zone sort of ending. The entire film is more or less an exploration of a “dead spot” so to speak and interactivity between the world of the living and the dead, I won’t ruin the ending for you, but it is a bit of a twist to think on for sequels. By the way, part 2 is already being worked on, there must have been Reeker fans out there.

Reeker seems like it had enough material to be a short film, but got stretched. Perhaps a sequel will take the sci-fi horror sort of twist and embellish and build upon it, but based off of what Reeker had to offer I think I’d rather keep my nose open and close my eyes. Stink-O vision!

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