Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Drama Rhyming review for ‘Rampart’

Rhyming review for ‘Rampart’

Woody Harrelson is excellent as the lead in the gritty cop drama ‘Rampart’

He plays a character with his own set of rules and we see that right from the start


The way he approaches work has caused him a somewhat complicated personal life

His two daughters are also cousins because he made a pair of sisters his wife


He’s rough and tough and does an excessively violent thing that gets caught on tape

Due to a past incident where he allegedly killed a rapist, he’s nicknamed ‘date rape’


His past history and this new incident convince his bosses it’s time for him to go

As the investigation continues he fights against it but his troubles just seem to grow


He doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong and only knows one way to act

He’s flawed and his life is crumbling around him and he can’t escape that fact


This film is filled with name actors who, in small supporting roles, are all very good

If I had more space to list them all out by their names I most certainly would


Yes, the whole ‘bad cop’ thing has been done before but this one does it well

With its mix of action, violence and drama I liked it but realize it’s a tough sell

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