The Fighter-Review

            Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale), who is Lowell, Massachusetts’ town legend when he defeated the famous boxer Sugar Ray over a decade ago, is training his younger brother Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) to become a boxing champion. Dicky’s extreme tardiness, life-threatening drug addiction and trouble with the law along with his mother, Alice (Melissa Leo), as his manager who keeps booking him unfair matches are major road blocks in Mickey’s career. With the troubles of Mickey’s family distracting his passion and his loosing steak rising with every gruesome match, Mickey’s is on the verge of giving up. Will Dicky come around and be more of a support for his brother? Will Mickey’s new girlfriend, who hates his family, be the voice to tell him to leave them and make a life without them in it? Will Mickey find a manager and training and become a champion? 

Review:            First things first, I would like to take a bow, tip my hat and do a standing ovation for Christian playing a fantastic role. Right from the start of the film, Christian is out and Dicky is in and non-stop throughout the entire film. I’m not talking about the large amount of weight he lost to commit to character physically, many actors have done that have didn’t play a role so amazing (none that I’ve yet seen at least). I’m talking about the way he captured Dicky’s character not only showed that he has no problem leaving out of his comfort zone and become a completely different person but that he played it so well I actually kept forgetting that it was Christian playing and not the real character and the movie was not a documentary. Superb, I say, superb! Mark also played a great role but not better than Christian’s because his role is a tiny bit similar to other roles that he has played in other files just without the boxing, but still a good job. I enjoyed watching Mickey girlfriend’s character, Charlene Fleming (Amy Adams). I didn’t like her accent because it just sounded fake but I liked the “don’t mess with me attitude,” she brings to the film. There’s a scene where she is up against seven women who are bigger than her because she is small but she just pokes out her chest and starts swinging when threatened. All of the other actors in the film, from the men’s family being too involved in his life to the townspeople always supporting their legend, Dicky, also brought this film to life with the small hometown flavor. The script was amazing along with the directing. I didn’t want to see this film at first because I didn’t want to see another true life based story with someone struggling to make it in a sporting career. I am very happy to say that I was wrong and also very happy I saw it. All in all, I will see this film again. 

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