Soul Surfer staring AnnaSophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid and Lorraine Nicholson is a True Life, Biography, Drama, Sport and Family genre film taking place in modern day Hawaii.

Bethany Hamilton ( AnnaSophia Robb ) has grown up in the water.  Being the daughter of two avid surfers, you could say that surfing is in her blood.  After being chosen as the favorite for the National Championships, Hamilton, along with her best friend Alana Blanchard ( Lorraine Nicholson ), is feeling on top of the world.  But when a shark attacks her on a calm surfing trip with friends and she loses her left arm, she will have to learn to do everything differently, including surfing.  With a loving, supporting family, a strong belief in God, and a passion as determined and unstoppable as the waves she surfs, is she really out for the count?  Or, will she be the iconic come-back story that inspires the world?

Inspirational.  That is the first word that comes to mind.  I could use that one word as the whole review.  Inspirational.  This movie makes you want to go out and do the impossible.  It makes you want to jump out of your seat and help someone.  Bethany Hamilton is such a caring, fun loving and kind hearted girl that you can’t help but like her.  You are immediately drawn into the character’s emotions and you feel like part of the family while you’re watching it.

Imagine the coolest family in the world.  Where would they live and what would they act like?  They would probably be just like Bethany Hamilton’s family in Soul Surfer.  You know, live in Hawaii, surf all day, home school you so you can enjoy the waves, supportive, slightly rebellious and a lot of fun to be around!  I love Dennis Quaid’s ( Tom Hamilton ) “surfer dude” personality in this film, and the rest of the family are loads of fun as well.

If there is something to complain about in this film, it would be the shark attack scene.  It is not very graphic, which is good for kids and people who don’t like that sort of thing ( you know, everyone who wasn’t FORCED to see the film ).  However, the shark was not well animated and is clearly fake.  That can be aggravating to some viewers ( yes, me ).

So, in whole, this film has: a great cast, sends a great message, has good acting and very lovable characters.  It is also based on a true story, which ( for me ) makes a story so much more interesting and inspiring.  If you are a viewer who loves to be into a good story with happy, likable characters this is a must see film.