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Resident Evil: Extinction

This is the third in the Resident Evil series of movies.  It stars Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter.  This movie is rated R, mostly for violence. 

As I said this is the third in the series.  The first two movies are about the spread of the T-Virus and Alice and her mutation.  This movie starts with the knowledge that the world is headed towards extinction.  Humanity is on its way out.  A band of survivors is on the road looking for any signs of survival, and trying to stay alive themselves.  Of course the only way to stay alive is to stay on the road.  All the while the Umbrella Corporationb is continuing to experiment with the virus, trying to find a cure, or a way to subdue the undead.  Alice is the clue, and the only way humanity will be able to survive.

This movie was not as well developed as the first two in my opinion.  There was a lot of action, and a lot of death and zombies, but the story seemed a little stagnent in this chapter of the series.  Alice’s storyline was developed too little to give enough information, since she has been travleing on the road by her self, and the last time we saw her she was just being rescued from the Umbrella Corp.  There was too little information about the interum, while the last two movies fit so well with each other without such a gigantic lapse in time.

The end of the movie suggested to me that there would be another continuation in the series.  Some might be a little surprised in the development in the end, but personally I kind of saw it coming from the very beginning.  There is a little more emotion from Alice, so she is not just a superhero mutant with super powers, which was good.  Although I love the series this movie was a tad of a disappointment since it relied mostly on action and not enough on character development, plus for a zombie movie there weren’t enough zombies for me. 

I recommend this movie if you have seen the first two, although it will stand on its own, there are some things that you might miss if you haven’t seen the first two. 

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