“Made Of Honor”

No one likes watching something they’ve seen a hundred times before. Usually, a film at least tries to separate itself from the pack in one way or another- be it a big plot twist, a fancy directorial style, or a great musical score. I guess the entire crew of “Made Of Honor” never got this memo, however, as this sappy, generic romantic comedy is one of the most predictable and tedious films of the last ten years.

Do I even need to bother explaining the plot of the film? No, but I will anyway. Patrick Dempsey plays Tom Bailey Jr., a womanizer who is with a different girl every week. Michelle Monaghan is Hannah. She meets Tom in college after Tom (thinking she is his date, Monica,) jumps into bed with her. He instantly likes her, and ten years later they are still good friends. This is where the real movie starts. Hannah tells Tom she has to go Scotland for her job. With her gone, Tom is depressed and bored, and realizes that he actually loves her and decides to tell her this when she gets back. The only problem? When Hannah comes back, she reveals that she is engaged to a wealthy Scotsman named Colin! Oh no!

The rest of the movie is basically Tom trying to tell Hannah his feelings. After losing the “games” to Colin, he takes Hannah out for a walk and they share a passionate kiss. So we learn that their feelings are mutual. The only problem is: WE DON’T CARE. If I could comment on one aspect of the filmmaking that stood out in some small way, I would, but there isn’t anything that did. The whole film feels like one giant clichéd mess; particularly the incredibly predictable ending scene (which I won’t get into for spoiler’s sakes, but if you had one guess, you would probably get it right anyway).

Acting wise, the two leads do a decent job at their parts- it’s not like they had much to work with in the first place. There are a couple of odd inconsistencies in the film- like why Tom (I had to look up because I’d already forgotten his name) gets a dime every time his invention (the “coffee collar”) is used. It probably doesn’t even cost a dime to make. The movie’s title is also very misleading- this movie isn’t about Patrick Dempsey becoming a maid of honor at a wedding (although that may have been more entertaining than this [may]).

Should you see this movie? Short answer: no. Long answer: well… look above you. Unless you  take some masochistic pleasure in boring yourself silly for 101 minutes, than there is no reason for wasting your good money to see this derivative and dull chick flick.

0.5/5 (Abysmal)

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  1. I agree with you 100% on your review. Made of Honor was completely predictable and quite frankly, stupid.
    But alas, being a chick myself, I thought it was cute.
    I have seen the same movie played out 100 times but I got what I expected, which was a quick, feel good, silly love story.
    I laughed a few times which is all I expected.

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