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Killer Elite-Review

            Based on a true story, ex special ops agent, Danny Bryce (Jason Statham) was trying to live a normal life in the country after retiring due to an emotional bump on his last mission. A picture was sent to him with his mentor and best friend, Hunter (Robert De Niro) holding a ransom sign. Upon arriving at the capturers location where a wealthy old man-on his deathbed- gave Danny a task to kill three powerful men responsible for the  murder of the rich man’s three sons. Not only was this mission impossible to complete because the three men are combat-equipped ex-agents and soldiers but Danny must also get the men to confess on tape of murdering the sons. When the task is completed, Hunter goes free and Danny will get six million dollars. The mission doesn’t go as smoothly as Danny wanted when ex-SAS agent, Spike (Clive Owen) became suspicious and started to investigate Danny. Spike shortly figured out Danny’s mission and that the men he was after are also ex-SAS agents and Spike would do whatever it took to stop and take vengeance on Danny. Will Danny succeed? Will Spike catch Danny and inflict major pain? What will happen to Hunter? 


            So, I will start with the positive. I always loved to watch Jason on film. He always brought just enough of a tough-guy attitude with a hidden soft touch for the lady’s, like a James Bond to the extreme. I was so happy to see that Robert was back where he belongs and that’s not in below-his-talents-slap-stick-comedy but in an action film. Even though he is older, he’s a legend and still belongs in action and suspense type films and I will enjoy watching every one of them. I’m also happy to see Clive in another film as I am a fan and love to watch his different, though slightly similar personalities, concentrate hard on the issues and fights with all his might to resolve them. Whether it’s shooting or jumping over cars, he always gets his man or woman. Now the film, I was not impressed. The major factor of why I didn’t like this film was weakness. Even though these three amazing actors were in it, the story was very weak. The plot was weak. The relationship between the characters, big movie name or small, was weak. The action was weak. The scenes felt rushed and were trying to make the audience see a special connection between Danny and Hunter and then Danny and his girlfriend but failed miserably. For instance, in the beginning Danny and Hunter are on a mission, Danny told Hunter he quits and that’s it for their connection moment because it cuts off to the next one. This was when Danny got the ransom picture and off he traveled against his will to do another mission because he loves this man like a father. It all seemed fake once they are reunited. They go into a long passionate bro-hug and talk into each other’s breath, which still doesn’t sell me. Danny’s girlfriend just seemed thrown in the film because obviously there has to be a female-interest. On minute Danny’s working on his house, the next minute he’s risking his life to be with her and protect her, lame. Clive’s character was just as dull. Most of the time spent on him was all but talking and pleading and convincing his fellow retired SAS for help to stop Danny. The few moments there were actions; it was either too long or too unbelievable. I absolutely hate it when someone gets their head smashed in a glass door and recovers a second later without a scratch on their head to get smashed again without a scratch. When I get a paper cut, the blood comes instantly. I know that this was one of those types of films but if they want me to like it, put a little more effort in not always making the actors look good after a fight scene especially when they are throwing major punches and kicks. Also, what is up with the music? The music was so annoying and distracting. Usually in a suspense or horror film, the music would rise in tempo letting the audience know that something interesting or exciting is about to happen. This film did that rising tempos thing so many times that I wanted to turn it on mute. The music didn’t lead to anything at all. For instance, Danny has to get some medicine from the hospital and pretends that he was a doctor. After his got the meds, the music rose as he walked to his car and pulled the lab coat off and it rose higher when the camera is shot to Clive’s character watching him from his car and that’s it nothing else happened. Very annoying! I felt like the music was attacking me with its sudden loud and over-dramatic instruments. The scenery weren’t a main focus as they pop in and out randomly, which is a shame because it would be a good distraction from the characters to see some culture of the countries they were in. I wanted to turn the film off but was hopeful that it would turn around in the end, but it didn’t. All in all, I will never see this film again.

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