Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Horror Will Freddy Krueger be “back in the saddle again” with Platinum Dunes?

Will Freddy Krueger be “back in the saddle again” with Platinum Dunes?

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Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) New Poster

Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

When the announcement was made to reboot the Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise the butterflies began to flutter around inside my stomach , it’s that same feeling I had back in 1984 when I saw the original. The dark bedroom sequences in the middle of the night of that damn hat rack with the brown fedora on top that I would still swear was Freddy Krueger in my room. And so began the love (mostly fear)that was the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. For what seemed like forever with constant talk of a reboot and possibly it being a prequel, the excitement in the NOES community began to grow. I had one person in mind to play the younger “Springwood Slasher” (pre-burned up), I thought Neil Patrick Harris would be perfect and a great opportunity for him to really showcase his range as an actor. Then he went all “How I met your mother” and show tunes  on me and well you know the rest.

Platinum Dunes announced at San Diego Comic Con that Jackie Earl Haley (Watchman, Little Children) would don the red and green sweater. Once again the excitement grew in the NOES community, this time it was in disagreement. As time went on, finally the first trailer was released in the “Zombieland” previews. It wasn’t bad, it definitely wasn’t Robert England. This new Freddy was shorter, and had a grille that looked like a Spud MacKenzie dog…ohh and he had what sounded like a Scottish accent. It wasn’t looking too good. Yesterday the second trailer was released and it didn’t look much better. I read on the PD website that they were still tinkering with the voice and final look of Freddy, I sure hope they get it right. I will say that this new movie poster for the film looks very good. I’m sure the anticipation will grow as we get a little closer to 4-30-10. Trust me I will be in line with the rest of you….any Freddy Krueger is better than no Freddy at all.


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