Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious picks up after 2 Fast and 2 Furious but before Tokyo Drift. Brian(Paul Walker) is back at the FBI while Dom(Vin Diesel) is in Mexico robbing semi’s still but this time its of liquid gold aka Gas. So we see them pull this off and the heat is starting to get on Dom so he deciedes its time to move on so he leaves his long time girlfriend Lette in Mexico and takes back off on the run by himself.

Now Dom finds out Lette has been murdered and deciedes to return to find her killer. Brian is determined to bring down the drug ring who also is responsible for Lette’s murder as she was working undercover for the FBI. Now we get back to what brought the Fast and Furious franchise to be what it is. Fast cars and girls wearing some skimpy clothes. So Brian and Dom get into working with the drug ring for different reasons. Dom wants to find Lette’s murder and kill them while Brian wants to find the leader of the drug ring and bring them down.

Things I didn’t like about this movie was while its a much better story line then many of the others its little less on the cars which is what makes this franchise go. I thought after part 2 where Brian is no longer a cop its kind of hard to put him back in that role again and it really doesn’t fit him after he betrayed the law force to free Dom at the end of part 1.

Things this movie does well is bring back the 2 main characters that made part 1 what it was. Diesel and Walker together is what Fast and Furious franchise is all about. While I enjoyed part 2 and its probably my favorite besides this latest installment Diesel needs Fast and Furious as much as they need him. Would have loved to see them bring Tyrese into the fold with Diesel and Walker I think that would have really set this movie off.

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