Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Foreign,Horror “Tokyo Gore Police” will change the way you look at horror…oh and bring a barf bag too!!

“Tokyo Gore Police” will change the way you look at horror…oh and bring a barf bag too!!

“Tokyo Gore Police”

What can be said about “Tokyo Gore Police” that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan, It looked bombed and depleted!

After hearing about this film and the special effects from the incredible Yoshihiro Nishimura I figured it was a no brainer to see. I had originally planned on publishing this review yesterday, but I wanted to give it a little while longer to sink in…..and that is exactly what it did. I’m a huge fan of the genre and enjoy most foreign torture porn film with all it’s shocking glory, but “Tokyo Gore Police” is a completely different animal altogether. “TGP” makes “Martyrs’, “Haute Tension” look like “Garfield and Friends”….except with a grotesque penis mutation that shoots…..hell, not really sure…maybe bullets out of it. I seriously haven’t slept well since seeing the film. As I write this, the disgusting images remain burned in my psyche. I’m going to have to use some Tony Robbins imagery removal techniques to clean these files.

TGP finds a young women working for the Tokyo Police which has been privatized due to a new threat of criminals know simply as “Engineers”. Ruka ( Eihi Shiina) is the ultimate Engineer killer and she does it in incredibly gory fashion. Typically the police go in to remove the threat, but when they realize it is an “Engineer” they bring in Ruka. She makes her grand entrance, chops a few heads, slice off a few arms or completely cuts some one in half. Imagine blood spraying in all directions in a fan like, high blood pressure  display. Even enough blood to cover the camera from viewing at some points. My senses were so overloaded, I knew not what to expect next. But when I thought Director Nishimura couldn’t take it any further, he picked me up and dropped me on my head. I clearly wasn’t sure if at this point  I was even enjoying the film or truly shocked by the content. It was almost turned off on a few occasions, then suddenly a glimpse of brilliance reemerging across the screen. Ruka, who has seen enough tragedy in her time to fill the Tokyo Bay, from the head exploding scene of her fathers assassination, to killing engineers all day or inflicting herself with countless mutilations. She normally comes in, displays a bit of decent choreography, kills her assailant and moves on to slice herself and call it a day. The next time, she finds herself face to face with the original “Engineer”  “The Key Man” who makes her change in ways she may or may not be ready to face.

“Tokyo Gore Police” is not for the faint of heart or let alone anyone who doesn’t want there mind twisted up and shot out of a penis gun. TGP trumps itself over and over again and just when you thought you had seen the worse, Nishimura takes it off the deep end. TGP has gratuitous scenes of perverse, bizarre and twisted themes. From a standpoint basing the film on pure movie making elements I would have to say it was a success. The writing wasn’t bad, the Direction was a real treat and the FX was out of this world. From a personal opinion based solely on how this film made me feel, I would have to say it was one of the sickest most disturbing films I have ever seen and hope to never see it again. You will need to seek psychiatric help after seeing this film. Steer clear of TGP strictly for the fact that sickening perversions and horrible mutations that will leave you sleepless are not worth it. Please take this film out of my head!!


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