Shoot Em’ Up Slap in the Face

….Of action. Let me start by stating a few things that this movie does right, for one it went out and invested money into a set of great actors that it can slap the names of on the poster.  Clive Owen as Mr. Smith the gun-toting hero of a strangers baby, Monica Belluci the sexy seductive caretaker of both the baby and Mr. Smith, Pual Giamatti, who I feel makes an incredible bad guy constantly badgered by his wife, and the countless henchmen outsmarted and outgunned by Mr. Smith.  Another thing that these movie is successful at is keeping non-stop action throughout the whole movie.  I never knew what was going to happen next because everything was so spontaneous, men seemed to pop out and threaten the baby the whole time.  The director does a great job of drawing in the viewer with every shot and making every action sequence noticeable and different, basically by changing the location of the fight but he uses unique angles and ideas, such as slathering up in oil and sliding across the floor taking out numerous guys, a la The Transporter.  Now the bad parts of the movie, really only a few parts of it, but I feel that it is incredibly evident as to what could be changed, the writing. Really just two complaints, the plot and the dialouge.  Lets start with the plot, its unique yes, that is because there is really no plot at all, the movie just hops into action throttle and remains there for the rest of the movie.  I like this and then again most movie-goers will be upset at this.  I don’t really mean that there is no plot so don’t jump on me for that because there is the jist of one throughout it, it rarely sticks to the plot and strays close to insanity at all times.   Now the dialouge,  its completely cheesy but, some of the one liners are great and hysterical and add to the flavor of the movie.  The dialouge lacks form though and because of the actors found in the movie you would expect the dialouge to be rich enough to lure these high-budget actors into doing the movie.  This movie is nothing like Owen’s last endeavor in the Oscar-worthy Children of Men but Shoot em’ up is good in its own senses.  Its a movie that I like to declare an escape movie, something that allows a movie-goer to escape the traditional movie experience because the action is truly great in it.  So basically, if your looking for an adrenaline filled shoot-fest than go see this movie please because it will be one of the best hour and twenty movies you have ever seen, but if you are looking for plot development, character expansion, and the possible than avoid this at all costs and go see The Bourne Ultimatum, which is incredible by the way.   Overall 2.5-3.

This is my first review on this site so leave me some feed back let me know what you all think.

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  1. Great review. I agree completely. I am one of those who are looking for that “adrenaline filled shoot-fest” type of movie. I enjoyed this film entirely. I gave it 4/5 stars.

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