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The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

If this movie were more on the side of funny and less on the side of sexual stupidity, I would probably have thought higher of this movie because it would have been more funny. I love Jeremy Piven because of his performance as Ari Gold on Entourage, and his general aura of the ability to act with such an air of hilarity… but this film just plain sucked. Even with the hilarious Will Farrell and Sister Sledge cameo, the only reason this movie was funny besides the expletive filled ending was Charles Napier, who played Dick Lewiston, an elderly war vet who was a salesman at Selleck Motors. This movie stunk, though it did make me laugh every now and then… of course The Descent had a few funny parts in it as well….

Don Ready, a car “mercenary” (he sells cars, and sells them fast) is called in to Selleck Motors, where he is assigned to sell all of the cars in the lot… or he’ll call it quits, and Mr. Selleck (James Brolin) will have to sell the company.

The best aspects of this film are Charles Napier’s hilarious acting and even funnier lines.

Bottom Line: D+. Funny parts, but the movie was very stupid, very sexual, and very horrible, and it really took away from the funny.

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