Cabin Fever 2

I have to say I have been awaiting the sequel for awhile especially since shortly after the first one rumors began to spread about it being worked on.  I will say that most of you will be absolutely disappointed in this. In fact as much as I am the optimist I was pretty saddened by the seemingly lack of effort that went into something that was a sequel to a cult classic of our time. The characters  had no chance to develop into anything,  you really didn’t find yourself rooting for anyone.  Honestly the only thing that even kept me going was the hope for some gratuitous violence and complete shudder gross out moments. The opening scene is very catchy as far as the violence, but then you are left hanging for a little while. Basically this movie is you waiting around for the next nasty looking thing to happen. I won’t ruin it but if you can get through a bad movie for just 10 minutes of good violence and disgusting parts then by all means watch this movie even you just skim through it.  If you have to have any substance to your movie don’t waste your time. For the gore hounds out there who watch this,  just letting you know that one scene in particular made me feel just a hint of uneasiness and I am very hard to gross out to the point of almost needing to look away. So I hope you enjoyed the review and would appreciate any feedback.

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