The evil wizard Garagamel (Hank Azaria) has been trying for a very long time to capture the smurfs to steal their essence as a power source for his magic but he has yet to find their enchanted forest. One day, one of the smurfs, Clumsy (voiced by Anton Yelchin), travels out of the forest against Papa Smurf’s (voiced by Jonathan Winters) wishes and Garagamel sees and chases him back to the invisible and hidden location. Once inside, the smurfs try to flee out of the forest but Clumsy goes down the wrong and dangerous path, leaving some of the smurfs to go after him. With Garagamel on their tail, the smurfs accidently fall into the Blue Moon’s portal that drops them into our world, New York City, nonetheless. Still looking for Clumsy, the other smurfs end up in Patrick (Neil Patrick Harris) and Grace (Jayma Mays) Winslow’s apartment. After the freaky screams of seeing small blue people who can talk, Patrick and Grace are told that in order to get back to their home safely from Garagamel, they must acquire a few items before the Blue Moon returns. With a new baby on the way and being a step closer to being fired from his job, the last thing Patrick needs is little blue people singing and frolicking in the way. Will Garagamel capture the smurfs? Will Clumsy redeem himself for putting his family in harm’s way? Will Patrick help them find a way home? 


            Well, I enjoyed the special effects; they did a very good job on bringing the smurfs to life and in capturing them in iconic scenes from New York were believable like I can look out the window and see little blue people. The whole scenario reminded me of Alvin and Chipmunks, minus the blue, wizard and magic but the whole finding humans to help their situation and the humans coping with the fact that something odd is talking, is about the same. Garagamel and his cat was a comedic pair, again odd but very entertaining. I liked that they captured Garagamel very nicely like from the cartoons of him being a wicked guy but very clumsy, unorganized, and gullible. This film has a great message for everyone not just the kids, which I always enjoy. The one and only part I hate about this film are the verbs, nouns, adverbs and adjectives the smurfs use by using the word smurf. That was very annoying. Imagine someone always saying things like, “this weather is so homosapien” or “what a homosapien weekend” or “you are so homosapien right.” Doesn’t that just sound stupid? I know it’s their way of speaking but still annoying. All in all, a great film for the whole family and I will see this film again.

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