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Shark Night 3D-Review

            Seven college students take a break from studying and decide to have some fun at a lake house on an island owned by Sara’s (Sara Paxton) parents. It has been three years since she has been home because of a traumatizing incident. Liquor, laughs, games, and half nudity, are abruptly cut short when they discover that the waters are swarming with hungry sharks. Each attempt to flee by boat is failed with the shark’s speed and jagged sharp teeth approaching closer and closer. Will they escape the island? If they are able to call for help, will the help make it to them?  


            Well, upon viewing the trailer, I expected less of this film. I mean, the cliché of a group of young kids searching for fun and adventure wind up getting more than they bargain for. It is to be expected and I have no problem with that, it’s that type of film. I have a problem if the film turns out to be too cheesy and too cliché that it breaks my concentration. In this case, it wasn’t. This movie created a mixture of fun and tension right from the beginning to the end. Of course there was blood but for this type of film, not too much blood to be noticeably ridiculous. The location was serene and relaxing and I like how the director made it into a safe haven from the sharks and change it to a living nightmare in the end (upon viewing you will see what I mean). There were, however, sections in the films where the editing department could have worked harder on. It was very noticeable when a green screen was used because the look of the quality was set back in the 90’s. The background was covering too much of the character’s face or the character would move and the background wouldn’t.  A lot of 3D movies often do that; they spent most of their time on the big effects scenes and less on the non-3D effects scenes. The script and the characters were a little cliché but I still bought. All in all, I will see this film again.

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