It wasn’t until the movie was 15 minutes in that I realised the Joneses were a ‘fake’ family.

This unit – a mom, dad, son and daughter – are set up in a beautiful home, surrounded by beautiful and desirable things.  They have the most updated technology in the form of cell phones, TVs, gaming, etc as well as the latest car, sports equipment, make up, jewellery, etc.  The Joneses have it all – materially.  And it’s their job to “sell” this lifestyle to their new neighbours and friends.

Equally beautiful as their possessions are the family.  David Duchovny and Demi Moore are brilliant in this dark drama.

The Joneses epitomises the saying ‘keeping up with the Joneses’.

To me, this movie was bitter sweet.  It’s wonderful having the best of everything but when it consumes you, it pulls you in and strangles you.  The want and need of material possessions fills only a surface desire but can never bring true happiness.  This movie aptly portrays this.

When we die, we leave behind all earthly possessions.  I’m not against nice things, I just believe that love, compassion, understanding, tolerance, patience and kindness are a better ‘lifestyle’ to sell.

I guess the outcome of this movie mirrors my sentiments.

This one is great food for thought!