Mary Jane Watson has a come long way since her upside down kiss with the masqueraded Peter Parker. Named best Actress at Cannes; MELANCHOLIA is undoubtedly one of her (Kirsten Dunst) best works as of date. Its Justine’s (Kirsten Dunst) wedding day! Clearly depressed beyond fathomable explanation she does seem to come through as inconsiderate towards her nurturing sister Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and her Husband John (Kiefer Sutherland) who have thrown her a lavish wedding party on their estate. There is something that Justine is aware of; there is something that is holding her back from her own wedding party, what could this be? What makes Justin not even notice her husband Michael (Alexander Skarsgard) on their wedding night? What makes he do what she does on the golf course? Does Justin know something that no one else does?

It is indeed obvious that the world will end in MELANCHOLIA. The movie unfolds with a beautiful enchanting overture, set to Wagners “Tristan and Isolde”. A mime that is tangled but personally one that I felt was indeed a bit too long. Justine standing while living creatures fall out of the sky, Claire is shown fighting her way through the golf course carrying her son and running for their lives. Then suddenly director Lars Von Trier shows the earth colliding with MELANCHOLIA and the earth as we know it is destroyed!

Lars Von Trier; whose work I have never experienced seeps through as a mastermind. Although MELANCHOLIA is extremely difficult to watch and now that I am doing this piece it seems extremely hard to forget, this unorthodox script is certainly a worthy mention at the Oscars of 2012. However considering the Golden Globe Awards that took place and its nominees and winners the chances of even a mention may be unlikely. This assumption is based of the Golden Globe tagline “Road to the Oscars”!

Is MELANCHOLIA a movie of damnation of mankind? Is it a reflection of all our wrongs and how it will be dealt with by a grater force than man? Or is it just coincidence that we happen to be in the way of the blue planets (MELANCHOLIA) trajectory path? Either way the prologue clearly does for certain emphasize that there will be no hope for the planet earth or us! What an appropriate theme to bring forth at a time where there is wide panic and theories of the end of the Mayan Calendar! Smart is what Lars Von Trier is indeed…

Is this the way the world is supposed to end? Both with a bang and in silence?


Directed by: Lars Von Trier

Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gansbourg, Alexander Skarsgard, Stellan Skarsgard and Kiefer Sutherland

Rated: Rated R for some graphic nudity, sexual content and language

Rating: 07/10

136 Minutes


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