“I am done with this, I can’t do this anymore, I am finished” are the final words uttered by wounded ex special ops agent Danny (Jason Statham) prior to his retirement to Yarra Valley in Australia. Danny wakes up one morning only to find a package left outside for him that contains an airplane ticket and a photo of his ex-partner Hunter (Robert De Niro) who seems to have been captured by some Middle Eastern tribe from the looks of the picture. Danny packs up and is in Oman within 2 days. The whole idea of the film jumping from one continent to the other can be quite puzzling at times unless followed quite closely. Something that director Gary McKendry does not seem to have paid much attention to. Danny meets up with Sheikh who is thirsty to avenge the death of his 3 children. His children who allegedly have been brutally murdered by the British Military aka SAS is the target; 3 agents to be precise. This is the task Danny needs to accomplish in exchange for Hunters Freedom.

 Based on the book The Feather Men written by Ranulph Fiennes KILLER ELITE is a politically twisted thriller that is no more than hard fisted punches, gunpowder and pure uncontrolled testosterone. Without a blink of neither an eye nor an itch of the nose this is most certainly not for a female audience let alone a majority of the male audience. It would not be wrong if I am to say that this movie is indeed one for the fans; The Fans of Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro!

 For those De Niro fans do not get carried away since De Niro is more a cameo rather a star this time round. It also keeps me doubting as to what made De Niro to agree on working on such a project? It seems that since of late the legend called De Niro is being calling the wrong shots since his last mega must watch production HEAT back from the 90s.Correct me if I am out of line here, however I believe that since then there has not been a movie for the legend that truly did just to the man!

 Statham, Owen and Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) delivers just what they are good at doing best.  POW! BAM! SOCK! Just hardcore fists thrown around, bullets and nothing else at all to be quite frank! It’s as if all Gary McKendry was trying to do was beat up every extra on the set. Indeed they did get beaten.

A little more focus on the confusing plot may have kept it real to the novel I feel. The novel indeed could not be as bad as the movie since they actually did a movie out of the novel! Well done on the effort of Gary McKendry. It’s only his second attempt behind the camera and he managed to work with some great Hollywood heavy weights and I am certain the next time it will just keep getting better.


Directed by: Gary McKendry

Starring: Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Dominic Purcell,, Aden Young and Robert De Niro

Rated: R for strong violence, language and some sexuality/ nudity


116 minutes

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