Wanted (2008)

When we consider action movies, where bullets fly all over places and do no harm the protagonist, but he himself manages to break open the vault and thug area and finish all of the antagonists then we regard them as illogical scenes. Coming here is a brilliant action set piece that delivers some hard hitting metal sounds, where cars jump over trucks and even bullets clash each other captured in ultra slow motion to give us the extra dose of adrenaline. Wanted is such kind of action movie where one keeps the brain at home and just get entertained for the money paid. It shows some masterful choreographed action scenes and also with an engaging narration all we care is action, action and action. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov written by Micheal Brandt and co, distributed by Universal pictures comes, a terrific action movie that gives fully fledged popcorn entertainment.

There are few people in the world where, their adrenaline functions much higher than the normal ones. The plot focuses on similar concept and gives an interesting story to be told. The fraternity is a special elite group which uses weaving threads to identify targets required to assassinate by means of codes. Led by Sloan (Morgan Freeman) and Fox (Angelina Jolie) along with some others the fraternity is continuing. Fox is sent on a mission to rescue Wesley Gibson (James Mcavoy) from an assassin who killed his father. Now he is on trail and Fox delivers Wesley to Sloan and they give him some hard bloody ice submerged training to become a member of Fraternity. Soon Sloan delivers a code that has Wesley’s name to be the next target. Now Fox is sent to finish Wesley, whereas he is busy searching for the guy who killed his father. How will Wesley come to know about it and how does he accomplish his task is all to be watched.

Giving some strong opening lines gives a basic idea of concept and all about the upcoming ones. Then opening with a man who is struggling for getting famous despite his internal problems along with his strong narration giving depth in the characterization is a promising start. With the runtime of 105 minutes, it all seemed enough as it was neither boring nor too much of classy same old action set pieces. It had all sort of novelty in giving some action scenes real tempo and also when bullets clash together it all seemed brilliant with the extra dose of Adrenaline. The plot might be slightly confusing but with careful view it can negotiable.  The movie promises 20 minutes of never before seen action scenes that are perfectly blended to make the viewers engaged and also the remaining 70 minutes that produces a compelling plot to follow and get surprised towards the end. Overall it was totally a 90 minute entertainer.

James Mcavoy plays Wesley Gibson, a guy who searches his name in Google and wants to get famous in the world. He gets an opportunity to join the fraternity and he is such a person who can use computer keyboard as a weapon to break the teeth of a person. He is a stressful person who pays the money for his friend. His ATM does not respond well and he does perform with ease and carries away the role. But as an action hero, I thought that he might be not having the charisma. But I was wrong. He did manage well to produce the tense and his eye expressions were great to care for him. Angelina Jolie plays Fox a sexy little lady who saves Gibson from an attack and gives him some emoting story to motivate him to accomplish the task. She was probably good, but her character was not properly developed. Ace actor Morgan Freeman plays Slaun the head of Fraternity. He does promise to be a good actor in the movie. Towards the end I thought probably he was wasted. Some small roles were given for filling up the runtime and they do provide the necessary action for the script.

With a strong and deep hitting music from Danny Elfman to the cling sounds from barrels sound mixing is terrific and with some great cinematography and camera works the action set pieces turn out brilliant. The gun shots from miles ahead, train episode and road chase scenes are the best that are visually spectacular.

My word: With an interesting narration and some extra dosed adrenaline makeup action set pieces James Mcavoy, Jolie along with Freeman manage to entertain audience. It is an action movie that may feel illogical. But towards the end everyone is satisfied considering brains are really active. I give A     


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