Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil. We have birds singing and dancing in this romantically packed animation feature film Rio. Twentieth Century Fox bring us the beautifully made, aesthetic movie, directed by Carlos Saldanha (Famous for Ice Age), written by Karen Disher. This animation feature film has voiceovers led by Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway and co.

Birds all sing and dance in beautiful animated trees and set the tone for the movie. Not until they are caught, and one small blue bird (Blu) struggling to fly, lands almost to death but soon caught by some bird stealers. With a traffic signal problem in the road, the vehicle leaves the package containing the blue bird. A small girl Linda (Leslie Mann) develops it and becomes best friend. An ornithologist Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro) explains the problem and little bird now grown up now have to do something to save the species from being getting extinct. It meets its match in a place Jewel (Anne Hathaway), but there is a new problem now as no one can be trusted inside and also within the birds. Birds are been stolen and a small boy who is working for the bird stealers, actually feels for his mistake. How could Blu free the others (despite he can’t fly) and also try to unite with its match. Let us see.

With the beginning of a beautiful landscape, with all birds singing and dancing, movie opens up much brightly and delightfully brilliant. With a runtime of 96 minutes, it felt sufficient. But the movie did not connect much interestingly with the way it started. Plot opens up and seemed quite enough to do a deal. But looks like we felt that movie is overly complicated in plot development. Bird stealers watching television, Long bike chases, and also little bit lengthy drama and romance set up, will feel that the movie is dragging, with regular stuff. But the animation being brilliant will save it. Overall I felt this one can end in 75 minutes. For example, two birds are in chains and we need them to cut soon as possible. But the director brings a dog to do the job. But the job is too lately done and I felt, now where are we going? Once the dog came, finally I was relieved. So plot development is not up to the mark.

Jesse Eisenberg voiced for Blu. After Social Network he is now lending his voice for a bird with blue body. Supported with him is Anne Hathaway for Jewel. The main characters are really great. But I felt that the voice over was certainly not up to the mark. There are lots of birds in the movie. We have birds with large hearts, big beaks, and also ferocious eyes. We even have some monkeys who do their natural job (Stealing). We face also a dangerous Nigel (Jemaine Clement). The human characters are also good, but we do not care much except the main two characters Linda and Tulio. Human characters had some heart and feelings. The birds were excellent, heart touching and also jealous. Overall character development was good.

Animation work was just awesome. Every movement like legs, wings, eyes and also those expressions during emotions were just great. The creators took great care. Visually spectacular is the carnival at Brazil. Cinematography and camera work just makes the viewers engage and presence of scenario. Music by John Powell is very good setting the mood and also singers do a great job. Editing was slightly needed, but the visuals will surpass them.

My word: With a message, lengthy scenes, movie has 90 minutes of visual spectacle with some cool characters and terrific music setting up the right tone. Viewers will be fruitfully satisfied for the money spent on making their children happy. I give B+