Biutiful  (148 min)

            “Biutiful” speaks for itself. It is a beautiful film. Visceral and deep and beautifully acted. Javier Bardem grips us with his performance and keeps us engaged in the film the whole way. Uxbal is our single father of two children who finds himself losing control of his life as he is forced to deal with the heat of crime in underground Barcelona along with the divorce of his depressed and abusive love and the mother of his two kids; All this while he is pursuing spiritual insight in his life as he is also diagnosed with terminal cancer. What an incredible trial that is presented for our main character and Javier helps us feel all of the pain and emotions that Uxbal is going through with another outstanding and powerful performance. “Biutiful” is rated R for disturbing images, language, some sexual content, nudity and drug use.