The fourth installment in the impossible series is MI, having been called Ghost Protocol, is not numbered. To be frank and clear, that the title do not convince any supernatural movie lovers or any horror film viewers. This is not a movie where the mission is to trap the ghost. Children from 12-17 can see this. The movie franchises a statement called as Ghost, where every single force that helps and safeguards IMF has disappeared. Now the real task is without back up and choice. With great name as a successful animation movie director (from Incredibles and Ratatouille), Director Brad Bird had taken a jackpot chance to deliver a perfect breath taking action movie. With support from Mr. Cruise who returns back to the franchise after a slight disappointment with MI-III, Paramount Pictures has given this adrenaline rush pack thriller. Surprisingly Jeremy Renner, (who is credited for the calm movie he acted where he played as the bomb diffuser in The Hurt Locker), is a surprise addition, with Paula Patton, and small cameo by Anil Kapoor. To begin with a carefree yet convincing activity filled light the fuse kind of credits, narrative moves showing the glimpses of upcoming scenes in the movie. Story telling is somewhat reduced to much extent and focused on, action ahead. When I can compare this to previous, narrative is way far better.

The President has initiated Ghost Protocol, where the entire IMF is disavowed, after a terrorist bomb attack at Kremlin. Now with no backup and a new team Ethan has to find the answer for the massacre. If anyone caught, they would be branded as terrorist. (All this we can hear from the official trailer). Agent Hunt (Cruise) along with Agent Brandt (Jeremy Renner) join together with old friend Agent Benji (Simon Pegg) and a lady Agent as always (Paula), to stop Hendricks (Micheal Nygvist) who has bombed Kremlin and is on the way to retrieve the codes from Dubai, to launch a nuclear missile, in a TV tower station in India. The mission, will he choose to accept it?

Right with aerial top-down jump action scene, with the music makeover scene in jail along with jail gate hacking scene, by Benji and Ethan being held in prison and escaping with his fellow friend in prison, (I do not know how much time Ethan spent in prison), movie opens briskly. Infiltration opens up as always, and this time creativity is put on weightage. No wearing masks and no sort of man hole car bursting sequence. Faking an image with light-projector and also making the guard listen to the guzzling noise of water somewhere, in the bathroom, produced by a machine designed by IMF is engaging. Not by the regular devices that work, and also a self destructing message device this time does not self destruct on its own. The handy glued gloves are not totally working. This is where MI-IV is different. With a runtime of 135 minutes, mission impossible efforts are just of 90 minutes. The plot takes its time to set and once it is unleashed, we move to Dubai. The rest 45 minutes goes on estrogen dosing by Paula, Some deep emotional narrative, catching up with humor Mr. Cruise tries to deliver humor at the edge of hospital corridor, and trying to jump fooling a cop , by Simon Pegg and way too extended anti-climactic, fight in a parking garage with cars falling from top, where Ethan and Hendricks rumble.

Ethan Hunt is more of agent in this movie and Mr. Cruise is doing breathtaking stunts this time. After sliding through Shanghai towers, and mountain trecking, this time he has chosen Burg Khalifa of Dubai to climb up and control the servers, at the top floor. At this age of nearly 50, he is daring actor to do the impossible. Snatching a super coat with an over cover and taking a mobile on the way, is funny side of Ethan and Mr. Cruise does well. Giving a necessary of amount of Estrogenic effect, Paula Patton has done it. She is also well with the kick ass butt kind of action scenes. But my question is why only her? The computer hacker expert Simon Pegg is funny and he does give a chance of evoking a smile, during tense moments when Mr. Cruise is struggling for the climb of life time, with a pair of malfunctioning gloves. With a dark past and untold truth and hidden emotions, Jeremy Renner had a chance to perform an impossible stunt (the ventilator fan type escapist stunt), with all the gritty dialogues saying, “the next time I seduce a rich guy”. He promises a lot in his eye expressions. His emotional depth added some uniqueness to his character. Anil Kapoor played a nerd, rich ass guy trying to seduce Paula whenever he had a chance and waiting for her to move. He could have avoided that role.

With breathtaking view of Burg Khalifa, to the looming sandstorm approaching the city of Dubai, and long car chases within the sand storm, the initial bombing scene, along with night road covered in city Mumbai, Cinematographer needs a special credit to make it as breathtaking as possible. CGI set pieces are also best utilized and the vertical limit is way beyond imagination if viewed in IMAX. With Mr. Cruise struggling with one hand glove climbing the tallest building in the world and the view giving us the tense is all the effective camera work.

My word: Breathtaking 90 minutes suffused with some cool characters and deliberate performances are just enough for the popcorn holding viewers to get enthralled and carelessly forget the 45 minutes of struggling train jumping episodes with iron rods at instances, and lengthy prison escape scene with light the fuse credits and try to smile kind of narrative, with slight mishap in the storyline.  A-