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The Fountain: Aronofsky’s PG-13 Side

Directed by Darren Aronofsky

Scored by Clint Mansell

Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz

This film meant a lot to me, and had me at a split decision.

First off, the film is not like any you will ever find, regardless of what kind of movies you have ever seen. From the epic and beautiful score by Clint Mansell, one of the best ever, along with the amazing story and graphics. This film was an A-Plus the first time I watched it.

Second, I also disliked it when I watched it. The story was confusing in a way, but you did find everything out about the main story in the film, though many sequences of the future time were extremely awkward in many instances.

That being said, this film was a B flat for me, with a rank of about 85. It was great, but it at the same time wasn’t that good. Aronofsky’s only film to not get an A plus from me, this film had one thing that kept me going through the movie: The perfect soundtrack. “Death is the Road to Awe” is one of the best songs I have ever heard. I thank Clint Mansell for this amazing score to an interesting and intricate movie.

2 thoughts on “The Fountain: Aronofsky’s PG-13 Side”

  1. What direction are you going in with your feelings about this film? It seems like you love it and hate it both at the same time. You say the story is amazing but anything else you say about the story is not positive. You praise the music of the film. If the film is a musical, then I guess it warrants some mentioning but for the most part the music of a film doesn’t say much about the overall quality of it.

  2. Yes, you are very good at pointing things bad out, and that is not a bad thing. Well, the story was like this: I both love it, and hate it. It is like this: A bittersweet thing. It is good, but is also not that good at the same time… its hard to explain. And the music in movies makes everything better if it is good, which in this film, the music makes it even more intense and dramatic. The quality of the film is alright, but the point is that the small details, which I am trying to point out, made the movie.

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