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Don’t be afraid of the dark-Review

            Kim (Katie Holmes) and Alex (Guy Pearce) are restoring the old Blackwood mansion in hopes of getting on the cover of a popular architect magazine to begin their career as known architects. Alex’s daughter, Sally Hurst (Bailee Madison) is sent from her mother’s home in LA to live with them to help cope with her antisocial personality. On a normal day to avoid his father and his girlfriend, Sally ventures around the property and finds that the house has a hidden basement. When Sally tells the others, only one refuses to allow the basement to open, who is the grandson of Blackwood and he knows that a dark secret is hidden inside. Once open, Sally starts to hear voices calling her name and asking to play with her but she has to release them from their confinement. Sally quickly regrets her decision when they purposely injury someone and that she is next. After many failed attempts of convincing Alex and Kim of what is happening, she is alone in a lost battle until Kim does some research and tries to get her out of the house. Will Kim be able to save her? What will happen to Alex? Why do the creatures only want Sally? Will Kim sacrifice her life for a girl she barely knows? 

Review:            Upon first watching the trailer, I was ecstatic to see Katie in a thriller movie once again after so many years. Also happy to see Bailee, as I said in my review of her in Just Go with It, she is going places. Well, this film was an okay because of my bias reasoning for watching it but if my opinion was unbiased, I would say that I didn’t care too much for it. For one thing, this movie had way too much build-up moments and led to nowhere every time. I expected a stellar performance from Bailee but all I got was dullness and amateurish qualities from her. Katie was Katie, with her silent open mouth questions and face of continued sadness (the only emotion) in almost every scene. Guy’s character made countless stupid decisions making him look like a terrible father who cares more for his career than his child. All in all, I will not see this film again. 

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